21 year old woman has sex with five schoolboys

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BarkingSpider, May 12, 2011.

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  1. 21 year old woman has sex with five schoolboys

    Why, oh why did this never happen to me when I was a schoolboy with a permanent erection? I could have put it to good use instead of spending a fortune on sticking plasters for my right palm.

    The lucky, lucky bastards.
  2. You went to the wrong school then, and I reckon it is the lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky bastards.
  3. Possibly because:

  4. Two things:
    1:The Mail reports a story then add the following caption to the photo "Spotted: Passengers saw Samantha Armstrong having sex with five teenagers from the train - not pictured" tossers

    2: Samantha Armstrong approached the teenagers - reportedly aged around 15 and 16 - and asked them if they wanted to have sex with her...Defending Tatinder Sokhal said her client lacked self-esteem and self confidence. Oh really??
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  5. Never happened to me either. She seems to have the American penchant for English teeth:
  6. Class - "Apparently Armstrong went at it like an express train going through one after another."
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  7. I wonder if you can get nob rot from dental decay?
  8. Standards? Weren't they a type of car?
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  9. This is typical double standards. I have sex with five schoolgirls and I get locked up in jail. Where's the justice? :)
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  10. They were all only eight years old you tit.
  11. Never mind when I was 15, I dont have any standards now when it comes to parking the cheese wagon.

    She is still a munter though

  12. Persec dear boy! Have a care...

    It's a fair cop, but my hair was brown way back then.