21 Tours?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Blade-Runner, May 17, 2013.

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  1. Not normally one for starting a Walt thread, maybe the story does have some truth but I'm curious. Can 21 tours really be done in an Army career? Say 2 - 6 month tours.

    One of my mates posted this on his faceache today...

    'Today I got chatting to a man in a wheelchair in McDonalds. He was a former medic paratrooper who had been on 21 tours of duty across the world yet had only fired his gun in Kosovo. He ended up in a wheelchair, not because of his job but because of a head-on collision with a drunk driver. Now he teaches medics in the paras. He laughed and joked about everything, including the accident, never once appearing negative about what had happened. He said, 'The biggest disability in this world? Attitude. Have the right attitude and everything is easy.' Total Legend.'

    Fantastic story if true.
  2. if you class long exercises such as BATUS, CRIMSON STAR, ULAN EAGLES, etc as tours (not completely un-feasible when describing them to a civvie) 21 is not an unreasonable figure. Who knows :)
  3. yes its doable, Bosnia Cyprus Sierra Leonne Congo Beirut Iraq Afghan Kosovo all have multiple tours.
  4. yes but 21 tours is between 7 years (if all 4 months) and 11 years on tour. Add the PDT and reconstitution and you are talking about an individual who spent 22 years on or preparing for tour. Even if he left yesterday, he would have joined in 1991 and served on Ops ever since.

    Not impossible but pretty f* cking un feasible
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  5. All you would do is go on tour and take your leave prior to the next OPTAG before you start again. Sounds like pish.
  6. Teaching medics in the paras seems a bit out to me - they go to, or at least used to, Keogh to do the RMA course - same as everyone else - and that was always taught by people that were able to demonstrate everything
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  7. Well when I first read the original pst, I thought a bit much 21 tours. Being wheel chair bound as a medic instructor for paras sounded far-fetched.
  8. I did Iraq flew back and was back out for my second tour in three weeks, in theatre there were TA that had done three back to back before the policy changed. hmm not defending the guy just giving an example.
  9. I've heard of specialist trades doing back to backs, Telic -> Herrick -> Telic ... etc, but mostly TA, and as you say, policy changed

  10. Yes mate, I agree, the MBLU's used to get hammered as well, but this is almost 10 years back to back. I am no expert, but I have served a little while and haven't come close to anyone who has done that frequency. Most ACSM holders (old rules) got them due to posting to NI. I just think in this case there may be a confusion between Operational Tour an Overseas Exercise, if I was giving the benefit of th doubt
  11. It's the bit about being in McDonalds that doesn't sit easy with me.
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  12. I think it's quite do able as there have been lots of short intervention type tours over the last 30 odd years. If he's a medic that's Para trained, it's more likely. RAMC medics have probably changed the most since Iraq and Afghan, they used to be right fatties who would tip up with the Ambulance and usually crash out on the stretcher waiting to put a sticking plaster on someone. People who volunteered for tours in the late 80s into the nineties usually went, regardless of what they had done before.

    I've been on a ten week tour and know guys who have been on similar short tours all over the place.
  13. Got it, but still think 21 tours is excessive.

    5 Airborne/16X didn't do Bosnia or GRANBY, they only started doing the tour rotation thing when Jacko forced them into Kosovo to prove their continued relevance. They then went slightly ballistic :). This guy is out, it is only an assumption that he did a full 22, any less makes the story even even harder.

    I am not saying its impossible and if he was including OTX it is highly plausible.
  14. Tough one to call..I did a Bosnia, 24hrs in brize and then a couple of months in Kosovo..granted brize was the toughest part of that, but you can have a quick turn around if your (un)lucky enough. Throw in a 3 month "construction tour" with the engineers that I did prior to the Bosnia and it looks like I managed 3 tours in a 12 month period...but to keep doing that would be taking the piss, not to mention boring as hell. In fact, fuck it. Throw in my other Kosovo, an ulan eagle and some other big exercise I did (SETA maybe?) and a posting to south east Asia and it looks like I did shit loads of "tours" in only 4 years..in fact now you mention it, I'm a hero.
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  15. But that's sort of the point. The construction tour (Presumably PINESTICK or similar), ULAN EAGLE and the other big exercises are not operational tours. They are periods of significant separation but not tours in the current meaning of the word.

    Thats why his claim is feasible, because in the 80's & 90's Tour wasn't just about medal earning deployment.