21 st Century attitude

This may well have been covered previously and if so I apologise, but it's something I feel strongly about and in my opinion is due for a change in reaction. I will try not to reveal id but you'll all know someone in this sit, it just depend how far it's got.

Acquaintances of mine have been investigated for some alleged extra marital activity. One denies it, one doesn't. One may carry it on. Both have had complaints made. Both are subject to investigation. Results are career threatening in the extreme. No more details than that

Now the old shout of how this affects morale/effectiveness/abuse of position is not where I want to go.

My wife was shagging whilst I was away on tour, and though both she and her choice worked for the same national company, nothing was said to them. They work for the same company still and now live together. I have a new woman with whom I live and thats it.

Why is the Army so different? Is it not about time we realised people shag? Sometimes its the wrong person - oh dear.

For everyone who gets caught there are 10+ who don't so why do we scalp the ones we catch?

Is this a set of unequal standards?

I fully realise there will be circumstance arguements etc but lets try and keep it simple.

I would rather keep a good skilled reliable soldier who puts their end about than keep one who keeps their hands on their own even whilst they're at work (if you catch my drift). Effectiveness not morals - you see where I'm going

Cheer Fatblerk
There could be a whole hangar load of issues here. Some of which I have raked over in lonely hearts before now.

If its someone in the same unit, then there's the question of trust: can't trust them on camp so why should we trust them on Ops? Worse if someone is jumping into bed with a party whose spouse is away on Ops. Trust and morale them become an issue. ( so does a shovel in the back of the head when the injured party catches up)

I can assure you when you have a complex operational scenario to cope with, as a manager and as an aggrieved party an incidence of unfaithfulness back home, is not the thing you need to be dealing with on Ops. The mission, group and individual morale all suffer.

If you are a manager and are involved in such a lapse of judgement, then your credibility as an individual and a leader is certainly on the line.

In a close knit operational environment, trans gender relationships will always introduce pressures on participants and non-participants alike. This can require objective judgement by all concerned: difficult when your ex and current partner are in the same troop.

I am not on the moral high ground here, as a callow youth I was guilty of gross stupidity entering into a realtionship that I should have seen was OOB. Years later I entered into a realtionship with one of my subordinates , we have now been happliy married for over 10 years.

This sort of thing is going to happen, you will never be able to hide it from the management, or the rest of your unit.

Everyone is entiltied to a lapse of judgement, but there are serial adulterers out there who do none of us any good. I've had to manage one or two before now: it can certainly make selection and maintainanace of the aim a challenge. And yes,the system will say he's / she's a good soldier, were short of soldiers / officers, lets try and save their carear.

Not much help if a number of your unit are trying to get behind the perpatrator at the first sign of a firefight, instead of looking for the enemy!!.
( grenades on Mt Langdon anyone??)

Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.

The 21st century standards way be Ok for joe civvy who cares little for his employess, as long as he's making a buck.

The Armys job is to get dangerous and desparate people to close with and neutralise the enemy in all climates, weathers, day and night. And then to bring them back to fight again.
If you want those 21st century standards then try a joe civvy outfit like the RAF :wink:

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