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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Sprog_bleep, Feb 22, 2005.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just got my posting to 21 Sigs. Just thought I would test the water to see what its like. Heard Bath is good crack but whats it like on the shop floor? Do they get out on exercise much? What are the facilities like on camp?
  2. 21 Sigs used to have a good rep, however currently it is being ripped apart. 18 months ago this was a good place to be and we got out on ops etc as a sqn.

    The regiment exercises far too often, we achieve very little, and 90% of the time there are no officers for you to work for. The exercises are pretty much useless and you learn very little from them, except sitting on shift passing messages.

    There is lots of sports, mostly under duress, they have a thing called star sportsman, where, if you play sports at regiment level you get some time off to play, but if you don’t turn up you get charged!! catch 22, if you play sport your comms kit isnt kept up to speed and you get hammered for it. If you dont play sport then you can always join in with one of the seven lanyard teams that are training just now, or many other activities that really arent welcome. The regiments comms kit is in rag order due to not enough time available to maintain it, too many exercises, tasks, individual deployments, sport/PT etc to spend time on your detachment.

    If this is your first posting then you will be running round doing tasks outside of your real job and will learn very little. If you expect to get promoted here, think again, the regiment is no longer well thought of throughout the corps, and most people are well advised to stay clear. I am getting near the end of my tour and have seen a massive downward change in morale Best bet for your first or any posting whilst the regiment is like this is to stay well clear. On the bright side, as your just out of blandford you could get away on an op.

    There are sports pitches and a good gym, also what a bonus a swimming pool (although it and the changing rooms are disgusting) there is a hive that I honestly cant comment on as I have never been in it. Bath is about 15 quid each way in a taxi. The bus service is poor, and on most nights if you are late back you cant get a bus anywhere near the camp. If you dont have a car, you are in the middle of nowhere and the hangers are about 15 minutes walk from the block. If youre a pad the quarters are in poor condition. Soz to sound so negative but I have seen all the changes, and you will be well advised to stay away.
  3. BBR,

    you're painting a great picture!! Not enough time to do anything and then getting hammered for not doing it ...joy. The facilities sound great... I take it from your post that the gym is pretty much it then? I thought 21 Sigs tended to do radio stuff I assume as an AS Op I will be working on a SAN? What are the Squadrons like? Much to choose or are they about as bad as each other?

    Are there any plus points? Or should I look forward to 3 years of hell?
  4. BBR you forgot to mention the diving club 8)

  5. BBR, It does sound like a nightmare, a unit where you are actively encouraged to play sport... can't remember the last time we had a sports afternoon in our unit!! And having to play sport under duress...perhaps your Troop Staffies should organise a Playstation 2 afternoon for you so that you don't have to get your heart rate up too much...

    And all these exercises and PT and stuff, it must be really bad for morale there if you haven't got time to get on the tank park and do any maintenance. Or is it that when you are on the tank park you spend little time actually looking after your det and more time arrrrseing about???

    You should have been a sprog in the 80s in BAOR where you spent a month on exercise came off one exercise, had RSIT the following week, worked over the weekend and then still managed to get a satisfactory or good report, before packing your truck and deploying on another month long exercise.

    Makes me laugh....
  6. Bow_man makes some good points - fortunately (or unfortunately maybe, i cant decide) its not the army of the 80's anymore. There should be ample time for det maintenance, check the weekly programs, then decide whether you are making best use of that time. Also, if you deploy to static locations for Ex, and are not too busy, use the time wisely and get ahead in the det tasks. :wink:

    I've heard both sides of the story about 21 Sigs, some who love it, some who loathe it. I always say its what you make it. I cant abide the moan about being forced to play sport. Its one of the few perks left that we are given time for sport and exercise, and are paid for it.

    Arrive with an open mind, remember you have no point of comparison it being your first posting. Work hard, play hard and enjoy yourself - that way even if its not your ideal posting you will at least get the maximum out of it.

  7. 21 sigs was my first posting and i actually quite enjoyed it. Yes it does have a sports orientated feel about the place and that has it's good and bad points. BBR does make a few points some valid and some total ARRSE. Yes the regiment does exercise a lot and you do feel like it's a waste of time but because of the role of the regiment and who it supports. where it might feel a waste of time to BBR sat on his arrse passing message to another operator on a different det it's a very valid exercise.

    As for playing sports under duress what total rubbish. I was never once forced to play a sport only encouraged i actually felt under more presure to play in other units. The idea behind sport having more priority than trade isn't true. Yes a lot of sportsmen spend a lot of time out of work but that is because 21 has a lot of corps and army sportsmen and women (in fact when i was there there were a few international athletes as well). These people are away and sometimes it can feel like they are leaving the rest of the det in the sh!t but that happens everywhere. The only problem i had was because of the high level of good sportsmen average players like myself were getting overlooked a bit and even though we were putting the effort in in training when it came to match day the superstars turned up and we ended up on the bench again.

    As for the area 21 is a cracking location, Bath is a good nightout and Marks taxis (is he still around?) will do a good return fare to Bristol which is awesome on the piss. You're sat right on the M4 so getting anywhere isn't a problem and even colerne village aint to bad (although there is a high level of inbreeding goes on)

    At the end of the day it's your first posting and it's what you make of it. Dont listen to all the negative press because there is just as much good stuff that doesnt get said. At the end of the day it is better than blandford anyway.
  8. i have been at 21 sigs for the last 3 years, the first 2 years were ok but when i came back from Iraq i was moved into the gurkha sqn which was a fcuking nightmare! as an AS Op like i am (well tele op sys) you could be working on a SAN (AP or Wheeled) Trunk Node (Gurkha Sqn) or a MAPPS Node also Gurkah, on the whole the regiment has nose dived over the last 18 months and thank god i have only got one week left but on the bright side the accomodation is not bad and the singlies bar is very good ran by SSGT S**** P*** he does a fine job!! but its not the end of the world and its probably no worse than anyware else

  9. forgot to mention marks taxis is still there, he's even got himself a new people carrier![/b][/i][/u][/quote][/code][/list][/list]
  10. 18 months eh, seems to coincide with me leaving that does. I knew the place couldnt cope without me.

    The bar was good after they got rid of the NAAFI, cheap stella always cheers you up after a windswept day in colerene.

    Oh better take heed sprog_bleep, colerne does have its own weather system, wet and windy, cold wet and windy, dry and windy, warm and windy, oh and just plain windy
  11. sprog b

    i have spent a couple of tours with 21. dont listen to the negative comments. only advice i have for your first posting is make sure you are willing to learn (your trade and army life in general), maintain your fitness and keep your nose clean - if you do, no doubt you will enjoy it.

    dont pay too much attention to people compaining.....squaddies always do no matter what.
  12. Yo never know you could get posted to the 43 Sig Sqn (V) in bath I heard they were the best sqn in the Regiment?
  13. Is there anybody out there who currently serves with 21 sigs who can give a view? as i said i dont want to be negative, I have had a good time, but in the last year it has been crap, looking forward to moving on. thanks for your input

    21 sigs is a poor example of the Corps, and yes I have served in another unit, before you ask, Your next unit will be much better
  14. I was taught morse by a chap from 21 (AS) Sigs Regt. I assume we are talking about the same organisation?

    Jolly decent they were, and very good at controlling air - the few that were allowed, that is!!

    Shame to hear that it's all gone downhill a bit, but I wonder how much is general weepiness and lack of moral fibre (as Bow_Man would say) or simply overloaded and highly pi$$ed off Toms at the end of their tether, trapped between the proverbial rock and a hard place!!

    Give it a go - although it does sound a bit like Topcliffe Camp in N Yorks - miles from civilisation and a total pit! :D

    PS Bow_Man - you really do need to drag your perceptions into this century!! :D
  15. dont want to be a sourpuss, but lets face it, i have tried to be nice about 21 sigs and if the CO and the seniors own up then the true state of the place will be known. As an example the so called field squarons 220 and 44 are in s**t state, they do not do what they are told, therefore theyare always in the crap. I do not agree with this as they are good lads, just badly managed.

    And stop whinging about the 80s, 90s etc.

    This is 2005, and you know that you can answer this with sensible wordsl if not than move on to the next arrse comment