21 Sigs

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by davey89, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know 21 sigs afghan dates?
  2. I'm sure that their Ops Officer knows. Why don't you phone and ask him? I'm sure he'll be very accommodating.

    In fact, feck it, just call the CO.
  3. Dont forget to ask for a number for your mrs to ring :p
  4. nice first post davey89!

    why the interest? are you currently undergoing training in blandford and looking for a posting to 21?
  5. Yeah, it'd be good to know?

    Anyone else got some ORBAT questions?
  6. Anyone got a nominal role and list of NOK addresses too?
  7. Serious question - what are the various mobile phone networks like in the camp at Colerne? Notwithstanding the usual palaver with old buildings (acting as bloody faraday cages when you don't want them to), are there any mobile networks that you would definitely want to avoid there? I have noticed more and more people with iPhones these days but I can't imagine many people actually being able to use them as proper phones never mind high-performance smartphones etc. I have looked briefly at the phone provider maps but I don't believe their propaganda for a minute.
  8. You can always use morse if this modern kit goes tits up. :D
  9. I can barely master QWERTY mate. :oops:
  10. Flags?
  11. Papagolf, it's Nominal ROLL (Roll, is 'as to list'). Could have been better, more work on the uppers!
  12. Make it smoke signals and it's a deal. Do they come in 3G or WiMax?
  13. 21 Sigs will be using the Gregorian calendar when and if they go to Afghan. I can confirm that they will not be reverting to the Hijri calendar or other muslim calendar. Time zone is likely to be Delta but that could be classified.