21 sigs off to cypress!!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Mr.Chip, Mar 17, 2005.

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  1. going going gone!
  2. Sounds like a cracking use of the PRI funds, how many seniors have just joined the cross country team. So let me guess this right the cross country team are going but not the athletics team. Surely they are seperate teams anyway.
  3. Good work if you can get it. Isnt this what being in the army is all about? Mate, some advice for you, join the X country team.

  4. If i was a runner, i would.. if i liked the sport in general, i would.. I'm not a runner really.. more of a worker.. The point i was making was that why should small branches of teams go to these places yet the regiment can't save the money and get a decent exercise organised. I would be happy with the isle of bloody wight than Wales or Salisbury Plain!!!
  5. Sounds like the whinge from the football team at my last unit when the rugby team announced they were going on tour to London (just so happened to co-incide with the army navy game). "Why do the rugby team get to go away when we don't" Answer, cos we organised it. I know for a fact 21 sigs has a lot of funding for all its sports teams. The bloody athletics team didnt go to work for 3 months when i was there. You want to go sunning it in cyprus for free, join the X-country team or sort something out yourself.
  6. Good work if you can get it. Exactly the reason we joined the forces. :)

    Being members of the Corps of Royal Signals they will still say it was schitt and post multiple, pointless, whingeing threads about it on ARRSE.

  7. Mr Chip, you've got alot to learn about budgets. Opportunities exist for sports all over the place, and money being spent on them doesnt change your exericse schedule one bit.

    The fact that there is a trip out to cyprus for sport should encourage you to join the team, get fit and enjoy it. The benefits of being a fit soldier within the unit shouldnt need to be explained to you. Once again, join the team.

  8. So you're saying you want your unit PRI funds that you pay to go to paying for exercises rather than funding things like this. The athletics team and the x-country team are different teams. I'm sure when the athletics season kicks off 21 sigs will have something nice planned for them as well.
  9. i won't be in the athletics team!! not my cup of tea thank you! running around in shorts and a vest does not get the love handles looking good!" he he! i'll stick to my darts and pool i think!!
  10. Darts now there's a mans sport, why dont u start a regimental darts team and organise a trip to lakeside for the world championships. And dont say it cant be done my mate started the regimental fencing team. Ok it was only him but he got funds and got to the sportsmans dinner, shame he had to sit on his own cos everyone thought he was a bit gay.
  11. Shut the fcuk up then you boreing little tosser. Another sigs whinge thread. Do it or dont, get a fcuking grip. And i hope those motivated enough to go to cyprus enjoy themselves.


  12. Listen chipy boy, I for one wish I was capable of representing the Regt at athletics, alas my body doesn't function at the speeds required for such events. Stop your whinging and crack on. If you are that desperate to go to Cyprus (correct spelling!) then get your arrse out there with 244 in July for Lion Sun, or maybe that's too demanding for you?
    Cyprus here we come :)
  13. Hey Chipfat you whinging little gimp, what are you moaning for? If work is your main passion and you want to go somewhere more exciting, get fit, pass a course or two and get yourself posted to a unit which will send you a little further afield without requiring you to run for The Army XC Champions...2 years in a row!
  14. does mr x still run for 21 sigs? by mr x i mean the dude who runs bpfa's in about 6 mins after taking 2 wrong turns? always used to beat the hell out of any1 he ran against by at least 30mins hahaha nigerian i think?
  15. Mr X can still be seen mowing the grass around 21 with the tyre he has tied to his waist.
    thats quite funny really coz when he runs with the tyre he never looks tired!!
    boom boom.
    we had the police on camp last week and they done him for running over 30mph!! they have put three points on his birth certificte.