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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by steveu, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. My lad posted to 21 Sigs as Comms Sys Engr late this year/early next year from Ph 2 @ Blandford. Has anyone any info on Regt itself and if they are due to deploy atall etc etc, (as much as can be said). Thanks.
  2. His Tp SSgt
  3. They've only just returned from ops I think.
  4. So they are probably going again next week.
  5. Thanks guys. All info greatly accepted.
  6. Depends what Sqn he's in as they have different roles. The main body of the Regt is off to afghan again in Nov 2013, but one Sqn rotates regulaly between Afghan, Jordan, Kenya and Morocco.
  7. The main boady of the regt returned for tour in november. If he is posted into 220 sqn there is another tour next november. But as numbers are being cut for afghan and alot of people extending for the next tour it he might not be in the orbat (list of number deploying) as PDT starts in September i am aware.
    If he gets into 244 signal sqn then travel is more likey with exercises all over the world. Good luck to him!
  8. Thanks for info guys.
  9. 21 sigs has 3 field squadrons....

    244 which is in colerne and is responsible for the air support piece - involves ground to air comms etc...lots of time away in morrocco, jordan afghan etc..

    220 is also in colerne and is the lead sqn for deployments to afghan, 21 sigs is still part of a Campaign Signal Regiment

    214 is based in york, this happened prior to the regiments last deployment to bolster numbers...carries out the same function as 220

    21 sigs in colerne is a remote place, accomadation is poor, amenities on camp are poor...its 6 miles from chippenham and 9 miles from bath - approx £25 one way in a taxi!!....hope he owns a car and can drive! - the M4 is about 10 minutes drive from colerne, and the nearest main line station for rail travel is chippenham....where in UK is your son from?

    it all depends on what field sqn your son is sent to, fingers crossed its 244 or 214!..(see above)...
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  11. Thanks for the info. He from Devon, and should be able to drive by then, so M4 very handy.
  12. Well after months of thinking he was going to 200 Sig Sqn, the lads posting changed back to 21 Sigs, (he will learn, dont believe anything until it happens). He likely to be away from Blandford by mid Decemer. Does anyone know if Colerne have a xmas block lve period. Thanks.
  13. Get your Lad to pick up the phone up and speak to the Chief Clerk or a member of the team at RHQ. If he his posted to 21 Sig Regt( AS) they will be expecting a phone call prior to arrival. Accommodation is generally very tight so he needs to give them notice ASAP so that he can be accommodated for and he doesn't slip through the cracks. Pretty unprofessional just turning up without speaking to someone, preferably found out who will be his Tp SSgt.

    In the past they generally have a xmas block leave period; but don't be surprised if he is required to be duty at some point over the festive period.
  14. All army units have been told from up high that block leave will be a 3 week period from 14 Dec 12 till 7 Jan 13.

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  15. Because his Assignment Order won't give anyone in the Regt advance notice of his imminent arrival ^~