21 sig regt oh yeah

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by tanklovesthesnow, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. i would like to say some nasty thing about this unit but when i slagged off my old unit on here they posted me to 21

    anyone else think they can say what every man in the regiment is feeling
  2. it was done 18 months ago in 14 page rant
  3. Colerne is great place, lovely countryside and very cultural city - Bath next door. Who can complain?
  4. 21 Sigs was a good posting for me spent 4 years first as MT staffy then into the worst job ever as 220 SQMS starting from scratch. Time flew by and it all depends on what you make of it. You probably have seniors and officers that are tossers and out for themselves. When you finish work just get out and about Bath is good night out, Chippers and Swindon down the road top quality area to live. If you get really down just get down the Fox and Hounds with the fat chick and play Skittles with the locals. lol

    Enjoy the moments while it lasts you could be in Afghanistan/Iraq before you know it then you will have something to complain about.


  5. "You probably have seniors and officers that are tossers and out for themselves"

    Nice sweeping generalisation there big lad!!!! well done you!!!! what a well argued point.
  6. the fox and hounds went bankrupt last year
  7. OOh Fox and Hounds bankrupt whatever happened to the owners? Is it still a pub and being run by another. The couple who used to run it used to sponsor our Regimental footy team and gave us free food after the games. Maybe thats why the went bankrupt lol mind you they used to charge the most expensive pint in the area.


  8. does 21 have a bad name or something?
    or is it just a few with the odd gripe about the place?
  9. they started losing money when the regiment kicked the naafi off camp and started selling cheap and decent beer in the bar.
  10. 21 sigs can be quite an awesome posting if you want it to be, this is the second time i have been posted here and i still love it. the people who winge the most are the people who cant be bothered getting out and about and taking full advantage of the great night life bath has to offer, and its usually the ones who cant be arrsed unlocking there doors and walking over to the bar and socialise with everyone else, it is what you make it, like any other postings.
  11. Top man Andy - c'mon lads lets get down the hill and into Baff!
  12. thats exactly the problem everyone else doesnt go to the bar or even lock themselves in their room they all bomburst to the four corners of the earth and all that is left are the people with squaddie birds as gilrfriends and people with no life outside the regt (i.e. me) its not nearly as good as germany where the sqn in its entirity hit the bar in whatever kit they finished work in and deploy on mass to the local german town where everything and everyone get fu*ked
  14. i loved 21 sigs for 2 years!! all changed last year though whole turn around of officers/seniors and yes most were tossers!! lots get posted there to see out there last few years hence not really pro active with the troops!
  15. I enjoyed it left last year. The lads where all good lads 220 the finest. :p :p

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