21 SAS Uniforms

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Squiggles, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone have any information on the uniforms/badges worn by 21 SAS.

    I'm led to believe that it differs from 22 due their Artists Rifles History, possibly green chevrons??

    I'm particulary interested in any info or even pics of No1 and No2 dress.

    I don't want anything that identifies anyone, or contavenes OpSec - just interested in their history and traditions.

    No this is not a wah, I'm not a walt - I'm just interested!
  2. 21's working dress:

  3. ManOWar series Osprey and other publishers have excellent colour plates books!!!
  4. My OC is ex-21?!? :eek:
  5. Dont forget the fawn cords and desert ghillie boots.
  6. This is typically worn when working undercover(s)

    The colour may vary dependent on the theatre of ops...:

  7. And not forgetting the black maskers and strangely pixelated face
  8. Thanks for all the constructive info guys - exactly what I expected

    Its a shame one can't take an interest in our Army's history and traditions without the smart-arrse comments

    No wonder the govenment is trying to get rid of our Regiments if their uniqueness is something to be sneered at.

    Don't worry, we'll soon be like the yanks with no idea of our own history - we'll have to steal other peoples to put in films!
  9. Quite right Pike....

    What more could you need for a little weekend photography..

  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Grow up you poof, if you expected these comments why did you post the question ?

    Try this forum if you want gen on Military History & Militaria.
    But as you chomp after less than hour you might get a similar reception.
  11. Squiggles...

    As should be more than apparent by now... the reason that entire battalions are coming off the OrBat... is that the country can't afford it. That and many other things. Which would be fine if we weren't so busy.

    Fortunately I've got in on good authority that "we're stretched...but not overstretched...and we're just coping" :)
  12. If its any consolation several...ie 3 "members" of 21 (The Chelsea Chippendale's) whilst conducting para synthetic training circa 92 stripped off there smocks to reveal T shirts that I have reconstructed below....


    Cant vouch for the thermal lounging suit but the Barbour jackets/hats arent far wrong not to mention the drying dhobi bush that was behind there covert OP........

    Dealing with cnuts like you on a daily basis......thats ARRSE
  13. mate dont they earn a beige berret?
  14. You sad bugger!!!! I don't quite get the link between the fact that posters taking the p1ss out of you links to the government getting rid of regiments.

    .. Then why post on here?
  15. Beige berret, set of wings and little else except all things gucci. You didn't hear it from me... Oh, and their own brand of Port.