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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by LawyerSquaddie, May 26, 2005.

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  1. As support staff are not required to pass Selection, which beret and stable belt etc do they wear?

    I'm assuming that the beige beret and winged daggers etc are, understandably, reserved for those who pass Selection.

    Motive for asking question: bored at work.
  2. Negative, serving.
  3. Then you would know the answer. Haven't passed selection, can't wear Wings. Bit like all courses in the Army where qualification is worn on the uniform. It is also a miltary offence to do so.

    Attached personnel can and often do wear the Regimental head dress of units they are attached to. I would assume that the same situation applies with those attached to SF units.
  4. Assuming this is still the case at 22, Attached ranks after a "get to know you" phase were then permited to wear the SAS beret and have your badge removed from your stable Belt and replaced with the SAS stable belt badge and I think that might have been the case with 21 & 23.
  5. Thanks for that. I have seen attached personnel with my own unit, but thought SF may have their own way of doing things.
  6. I once let a Sergeant, who was the Arms Storeman (Arty attached) to 22. He was a complete embarrassment to his own capbadge, swanning round as if he was actually one of the Hooligans. I cringed every time he spoke.

    If I remember rightly, he had a run in with the law over keeping some guns in his house.
  7. Medics attached to 21 have to pass a professional skills test, be CMT1 with an adqual. The med section has a "mini" physical selection. My TA unit recently lost a REME VM to 21 again he had to be at least a class 1 pass a professional trade test and do a "mini" selection.

    63 sigs have a selection proceedure of their own held on the South Downs I think but to go further and do jumps they have to pass the Q course.

    They all wear the beige beret, own cap badge and stable belt with the SAS buckle. Unless becoming SAS "proper" they wear normal wings even if para trained, which means doing P company.

    Dont know what the AGC or RLC arrangements are.

  8. Support staff are attached, and don't go through Selection, but they can be choosy.

    They wear their own capbadge (generally RLC/ AGC/ REME) on a Beige Beret, and their own Staple Belt.

    63 Sigs is a bit different, as noted above. For 63 you do:

    63 selection
    Trade Course
    Military Parachuting Course
  9. So anyone done/attempted 21 or 63 selection?

    If so, whats it like?

    From what I keep hearing, they need people badly?

    Why are the SAS Walts not lining up?
  10. Are there any plans for SFCC (TA) ?
  11. The Royal Signals have a unit called 264 (SAS) Sig Sqn and they do a selection course similar to that of 22...hills but 1 km/h slower than 22 and they do the same test week.

    They then get to wear the beige beret with the R SIGNALS cap badge and an R SIGNALS stable belt with the SAS dagger - they then wear parachute wings NOT sabre wings.

    Hope this helps answer a part of the question?
  12. Tried 63 when I first joined the TA after leaving the RN. It was done at Thorney Island. Physical bit was OK, quite hard but not impossible, first weekend there was a BFT, and night Navex on the Island on Friday night.
    On Satuarday/Sunday a long'ish walk over the Southdowns,

    Second weekend a longer walk over the Southdowns.

    Third weekend a shorter walk over the Southdowns and an orienteering race around Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

    I seem to remember it going on for six weekends the walks getting longer. I had only recently left the RN as a Cdo medic so was reasonably fit then.

    What got me was that I was supposed to be joining as a medic but had to do sigs. They gave me these tapes of morse to listen to at home and a practice morse key. In the end my wife went spare! Then they started talking about my becoming a signaller going on a sigs course at Harrogate (I think) so I sacked it, bloody morse I can still remember the sodding stuff. I think I would have had problems with the "Q" course though.

    Other than that I cant help you, try HAC their selection is supposed to be fun, if you like that sort of thing.

  13. Poss Walt alert! Harrogate is close enough but..........it is not GCHQ!

    Also regular Med support is supplied to all SF units not TA unless they are 'badged' and then have it as an 'Add on'
  14. Thats bollocks.
    21, 23, 63 and HAC all have TA med sections attached.
    If you had a clue you would be dangerous.