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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by happybonzo, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. I find myself in the position of (sort of) defending Bear Grylls on another Forum. Now the nobbers on there like to believe that they are the defenders of the Great Outdoors. Maybe they are, maybe they're not. I neither know nor care but I did post this
    Does anyone know how the much the 21 selection varies from the 22 selection. I don't want specific details but I'm assuming that they have a bit more time and are allowed two Mars bars, that sort of thing.
  2. First up they don't do the full 4 week bimble around brecon; only turn up of test week. They don't do the full jungle - poll up for a bit of the E&E and that's about it - point to note that they are trying to hold down a full time job as well
  3. I think that on the Fan Dance 21 allows a shooting stick for breif rest breaks while 23 lets you wear a flat cap to keep out the cold :roll:
  4. [​IMG]

    21 Selection box


    22 Selection box.

    As you can see the difference is quite clear.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Oh yes another point they do different routes - so don't follow them during test week - unless you like to add extra distance - the little feckkers!!!
  6. Ask Blondebint. She wrote the course syllabus apparently.
  7. They do the same routes but on different days ( they join 264 selection on Elan a couple of days before test week) and at a lesser pace, 21 and 23 pace is at 3.5km/h whereas 22 is at 4km'h.

    I dont believe that link about if you cant do 10 miles in under an hour you wont pass selection. B0llocks, i have known a couple to pass that couldnt do that!
  8. I think you'll find this site tells you everything you need to know.

    The DS approve of it and think the site owner is a very good asset to the SF community. :roll:

    .....or B? :wink:
  9. Thank Chaps. I don't mind people having a go at Celebs because that's what they're there for.
    But if some-one has "been there and done it" then I will go into bat.

    It seemed a bit harsh so when the selection bit came up. I got a bit p****d with the sluts
    Again, many thanks
  10. So if they do a the same routes on different days - then they're will be doing a different route to the one you'll be doing!!!!!!!! - so again - DON'T EFFING FOLLOW THEM UNLESS YOU CAN DO 8 MPH - 10MPH - 6min mile pass have to be paula radcliffe to that or a sodding biafran chasing a chicken
  11. the capt. I spoke to from 23 when I was looking for a unit was more than helpful and outlined the training in full over the phone. There was no mention of being chased by wild eyed evil killers or being made to kill dogs to prove my loyalty. There was also no mention of being made to run 6 minute miles for an hour. The two phrases that stuck out were "its a massive committment" and "you'd be surprised where the strength comes from". Surely if you want to know, pick up the phone and ask.
  12. Good advice Arby, have you joined the TA yet?
  13. Doesn't matter it's all far too hard for me, I take my hat off to any one who wants to try selection far less gets through it.

    Un fortunatly god graced me with a body built for comfort not for speed.
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