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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by DMan, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Does anyone know where can I find a good training program in order to get fit enough to try SASR selection.

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  2. Give 21 a ring, their recruiting manual has a 12 week programme in it.
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  3. hey Dman,

    The good old "Get Fit for the Army" poster with the week by week training plan works very well if you can maintain the motivation. The other thing I use is the British Military Fitness app for the iphone. £2.99 but well worth it. The lucozade one aint bad neither and it is free. Good luck and have fun.
  4. Watch 'Who Dares Wins' with Lewis Collins..lol! Seriously 'Fighting Fit is a good read, good luck!
  5. Best advice you'll get here. 21 Have a vested interest in getting potential recruits as fit as possible, so their training program is the one to follow.

    IIRC, 21 and 23(if they still exist)advise recruits to begin training at least three months before Selections starts. The program is intensive and includes training twice a day at some points, so be aware of the kind of commitment you will be making. Selection and Continuation takes well over a year, and you will have very little free time during that period. Your life will revolve around work, personal fizz training and training with your unit.

    Best of luck.
  6. Yes.
  7. the quiet soldier is quite a good read to realize what your getting into not much use for fitness or military skills but whats life like if you go for selection GOOD luck your need it.
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  8. Just how many threads CAN there be where people like to advertise their obvious hardness because they are asking for info on how to get fit enough to attempt TA SAS Selection ?

    If these folk can't even use a computer search function, it won't matter how fit they are, they haven't a fecking hope !
  9. Agree with Hardcore. BTW the last UKSF(R) briefing I had mentioned two OTC subbies who had recently passed.
  10. Oh yes, a "sticky" for joining the special forces, that would be amazing.
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  12. Applying for 21/23 you HAVE to apply as Other Rank, officer doesn't come into it. It's gonna get slated now, but a good example is to look at Bear Grylls - he'd passed RM POC but decided to go for 21 first, "just to see" if he had 'it'. He did so as Other Rank although he wanted t be an officer.

    In fact, ignore the scandals and all that, and get his new-ish book/autobiography. Haven't attempted selection yet myself so can't say yay or nay, but despite the fact he can't mention Pen Y Fan (instead calls it "one particular high mountain known to all troopers"), almost a third of the book is about selection and how it affected his life on and off the weekends. No real details but a good summary, listing the general idea and structure of every march/weekend/drill night.

    I've been training with Fighting Fit by Adrian Weale, already mentioned above. Fitness has shot through the roof but haven't tried the SAS plan yet - been following the Fighting Fit plan and the P-Coy plan.

    But don't listen to me, I'm still a civvy and to be honest, every one of these threads results in the same thing: the blind (such as myself and 90% of the other posters), leading the blind.
  13. I applied during my OTC years but was told that I would have to leave the OTC in order to apply. Despite what Kiwi said you can apply as an officer. You will do all of the OR weekends but will be given an extra weekend as your officer selection. Additionally you will have to display all those good officer qualities during your training, I recommend applying for an Special Forces Estimate Course run at Poole in order to crack the officers weekend (ask your PSI when you apply). Certain units within 21 and 23 are currently screaming for subbies so play your cards and pick a unit that needs junior officers. Get Adrian Weale's book and crack on, he's not bad for a navy bod. The book Quiet Soldier is alright but now well out of date for 21 selection, despite being an entertaining read. If you plan to join the regular army post uni I don't recommend 21 or 23 but if you wish to stay in the TA then you will be hard pressed to find a better bunch of blokes and they tend to have more spaces than the SBS (R). Call the recruiter, get involved, it is more achievable than you think.