21 SAS(R) pre-selection requiremnents?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jimbleep, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. Anyone know what basic standard of fitness I need to be to go forward and attempt a shot at 21 SAS?

    Just found out that there's a SAS unit in Cambridge (Which is really close)... Thinking of giving it a shot? Or failing that, joining 63 Sigs (Thankyou Scalieback)? :D

    Can anyone give me a heads up?
  2. Give them a call, but you'll need to do 8 miles in under an hour on the initial day. The Sigs unit you mean is 63. 264 is regular.
  3. 264 does have a TA element to it, i'm not sure of the exact details but there was a guy from 264 on my recruits course a few yrs ago.
  4. be fit - mentally and physically. We had an MT wallah join 21 and he spent every spare weekend on the Beacons during selection getting his times up. He passed but he can't remember how!
  5. Give them a call and ask - if they're anything like 23 you will find them very helpful.
  6. The 264 TA element is now part of 63, much to their chagrin.

    As many will say, get fit and be alert (yeah, the Army needs 'lerts!)

    Get to Brecon and climb the hills/mountains as often as possible carrying a daysack for navigation exercises and 50lb+ when you want to breath out of your hoop!
  7. I know two TA people who have tried it. The first (a friend) binned out halfway through selection due to a training injury. He was asked back on the next one but couldn't keep up the fitness. Despite all that he enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised by the DS. Injuries are apparently very common. So start strengthening those muscles and sorting out those shin-splints and address any existing or historical injuries you might have.

    The second (I wouldn't say a mate, but somebody I was in the TA with) passed it, apparently without too much trouble (by their standards). He was a hill-running, desert-trekking savant who spent every moment of his time sleeping somewhere extremely uncomfortable up a mountain (etc). I actually found him rather boring. The merits of this or that sleeping bag/ carabiner/ ice pick would send me to sleep. Unit rumour control suggested that he absolutely loved it, and as he was self-employed he could do whatever training he liked. Some of the training weekends they do sound pretty sexy.

    Lastly, I once sat in on the annual 23 presentation (actually it's a poaching exercise) evening at the drill hall. The video is extremely effective in that it enables you to work out pretty quickly whether it's for you or not (for me, emphatically not!). I found their blokes quietly impressive, but first impressions and all that. The poster they left "Many are Called: Few are Chosen" was quickly altered to "Many are Called: Most are Frozen" by some wag with a marker pen.

    As long as you know what you're letting yourself in for and are prepared to commit to it once the buzz of selection and training wear off then best of British luck to you.

  8. You need to:

    A) Write to them, DON'T CALL.....

    B) They will send you an interview date, now October I think.

    C) You must be able to get PAST level 11 on bleep test.

    D) You won't start anything until next year now.

    That just gets you in the door.

    The rest you'll find out if you apply.

    My advice.... If you say... I'll give it a go? Don't waste yours and their time.

    If you want to be tested mentally and physically?why not speak to your PTI?
    :lol: :lol:
  9. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    If you want it, do it!

    Too much talk gets done in the (real) NAAFI by those who wish that they's tried!

    As Abacus intimates, if you call the unit they will be really helpful!

    Just get fit and as Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine says...
  10. If you call.... and they do answer (number not official anymore) .... They'll just say write in.

  11. Surely 2 hours... health and safety reasons.. u know no less than 1 hr 56 or what ever it is.
  12. lol 8 miles in 1hour 56secs - I think you're thinking of the CFT (with 35lbs of kit?) - we're talking about doing an 8mile run in 1hour.
  13. Jim,

    At one point there was an official? requirement to have some Bayonet time under your belt , well there was hereabouts. We had 2 candidates come through us (Pre-SDR) who were told to spend a year getting some INF skills and re-apply. There are also some ex-reg and 23 bods knocking around in my unit, I'll ask them for you too.


  14. Hello Chaps,

    I tried and got binned on weekend 10 (Damn!) Key facts are;

    10 Weekends. Then SF test week (Last week of regular selection) with the regs. Routes in test week are apparently based on the weekend routes. I suppose I'm not meant to tell you the routes but... they are mostly in the hilly bits of the beacons between Tallybont Res and Cray Res. You will become highly familiar with the top of Pen-Y-Fan. Some weekends are in Bala (the hell-hole of the universe) including 'High Walk' which is the harder replacement (originally due to foot & Mouth in the Beacons) to the Fan Dance.

    DS push you for 4k/hr. (measured point to point), As to fitness - the only answer I can give you is be as fit as you can! Fitter blokes than your humble servant gave up before me - so just keep chugging until they tell you your services are no longer required.

    Worst bit for me was the sunday morning bergan runs, which were always up some conveniently placed mountain. I always like to be in bed on sunday mornings with the papers and my girlfriend servicing me orally, but the DS were awfully keen on getting up and about at the most frightful times in the morning. This is of course comes after the Day nav, and the night nav, so my little old legs were al little bit tired. The last bergan run on weekend ten was an interesting 12ks with 35lbs in 1hour 15 mins! Over Hills! After which they told me I was binned. I wasn't best pleased.

    Very best of luck in your endevours.