21 SAS (R) Contact Numbers

Hello All

First post for me on here - I passed section and was badged while I was living in wales back in 2001 but had to leave straight away because I was unable to keep up the demands on my time. Anyway, Ive got a enough time to dedicate to the squadron and want to give them a ring.

The problem is Ive lost all my contact numbers and the link on the Army website seems to have been disabled.

Has anyone got the contact Number for C SQN as im living in that part of the world now and if anyone has a contact for HQ that would be good too.

Id welcome any posts from members of UKSF (R) on whether or not I'll have to do selection again. (I almost hope I do, as it gave me a massive sense of achievment first time round)

No worries. It probably doesn't help that the army website is being updated and many of the links haven't been carried over from the old to the new.

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