21 SAS now recruits direct from Cambridge university? According to the Mail they do!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BorisJohnson, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. Answer here: Special Air Service (Reserve) - British Army Website

    Typical crap journalism -- strictly true, but gives totally the wrong impression. The MOD site linked to above says "SAS(R) accept male volunteers who have no previous military service aged 18 to 32 or male volunteers who have had previous military service with any part of the Regular or Reserve Armed Forces".

    That includes most male Cambridge undergraduates. AFAIK the TA bit of the SAS has always taken direct entrants, unlike the regular SAS.

    Fitting the training in around studies might get a bit fraught though -- I wasn't brainy enough to go to Cambridge but I was in their OTC, and that was quite time-consuming enough
  2. Well if it was a good enough recruiting ground for the soviets I am sure it will be crap for the SAS!
  3. The article seems to imply that the Cambridge blokes are 'talent spotted' with a view to moving them in to 22.

    Wouldn't neccesarily be a bad idea.
  4. They didn't recruit me from either Oxford or Cambridge.
  5. There's a med unit In Cambridge and they are not allowed to recruit the students, apparently, the OTC have the monopoly.

    Either that or answering the phone more than twice a day might result in an claim for repetative strain injury.

    Oh, Froggy, I've spotted plenty of talent in Cambridge. If you stand under the stairs at the Regal pub you can also spot tomorrow's laundry.
  6. I only went to a very minor public school & ended up going to agricultural college.
    **** all use it did me though, but i did get to shag lots of horsey girly types during my time!
  7. So to quote BlackAdder - to join 21 SAS you need to receive six of the best trousers down and take a hot crumpet from behind without blubbing - pffffttt.....SAS today..bunch of poofs.
  8. Yes, it's an article in the Mail. This means that amongst the petty racism and europhobia they occasionally insert a story about the SAS because they know that this sexually arouses their readership and that a few of them will actually spontaneously ejaculate. This is necessary to keep their readership numbers up.

    Sadly this also accounts for the disproportionate number of Mail readers on Arrse. Luckily you can spot them because the spittle on the screen and drool on the keyboard causes them to make typos, ironically usually in posts complaining about the spelling or syntax of others.

    Returning to he story in hand, while there may be a tiny little factlet, somewhere on the periphery of the story, facts are not required.

    Hope this helps.
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  9. Strange, I'd have thought the various medical courses would have been more use to the Med TA unit (even during student time) than the OTC, with its predominently infantry based syllabus.
  10. You're just bitter and twisted because you've never been groped by Jimmy Savile.
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  11. I refer the learned gentleman to my second point...
  12. Not the worst of hunting grounds. Plenty of fit, resilient and switched on types in Uni's.
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Who, the SAS or GRU ?

  14. ......including those in the Redbricks, who have survived growing up in council shiteholes without mummy or Daddie to bank roll them.