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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by UberGoose, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm a Civvi going for 21 SAS and my interview day is in May. I could really use some help on some really basic stuff in prep for the day. I have tried to call them a couple of times to put the questions to them but nobody seems to answer the phone.

    If anybody has experience of attending the interview recently, please PM me if you are willing to help.

    I'd be interested in knowing what to expect, how I am expected to dress, is there is a specific 'hair length' requirement(!?), will it involve any 'surprise' runs, do I bring anything else except from the standard birth cert, passport etc.

    I appreciate most reply's will be in jest, but any real help at all would be well received.


  2. 'Hair length' get a grip fcuk wit.
    I should imagine that you will get joining instructions, so go with what it says on there.

    Not been through the process, but I don't think guessing the admin details of your interview is the first phase of selection.
    Good luck
  3. I don't intend to guess, which is why I asked here.

    As mentioned I'm a civvi and obviously naive and I know it's a pre-req for other infantry to turn up with number 2 all over. I don't think that is a stupid question to ask considering I would look like a total c0ck if I turn up looking like the phucking honey monster and I'm on the back foot straight away. On the flip side, I obviously haven't told anybody that I'm joining the TA and don't want to explain to all my pals why I've made such a drastic appearance change so quickly when I've not even started selection....

    The only instructions I have is to bring documents etc.
  4. Remember to take a peice of black tape to stick over your eyes as you travel to and from the interview. That will get brownies points so they know you are security aware. As for hair length, the 'tache hair must droop suitably for the Pancho Villa bandit look.
  5. Your a civvy, so nothing is expected of you. Other than turning up looking like a sack of shi.te with long hair, silly clothes and a dopey civvy attitude.

    Since when do people have to 'turn up' with a No2 all over?

    I think your a clown........ but good luck anyway, you have a learning curve ahead of you that will require crampons and fall protection.
  6. Well I've not been through SF selection and never will but my one piece of advice would be to relax and not get too daunted by the fact it's the military or worry about fitting in with loads of rules. They'll tell you what they need you to do and teach what you need to learn. Just ensure your fitness is good, obviously, switch on and treat it like a normal interview - ie. smart dress, ask questions etc etc
  7. Cheers mate, you failed your interview,

    there are 19 days in May in which you can attend, working days. So all FIS have to do is wait out both ends of the street and wait for several civvy types trying to get into the location where its held (they know where it is) for nineteen days of work they can find potential subjects. Muppet!

    Interview period will be prior to basic training and selection, you have given FIS a time scale in which they can observe. You muppet!

    Oh BTW hope you fail, cos going onto a public forum and announcing your intentions is completely against OPSEC. Muppet!

    Dont worry cos if three guys are being interviewed they will work it out it was you, you wont get in. Muppet!

    As for joining instructions, they are concise and there are no surprises, follow it to the letter and for security reasons dont put them on the forum here. Muppet!

    And if you are journo hope you burn in hell! Muppet!
  8. I read the No2 thing a couple of times on this website. Thanks for your answer though, it's what I was looking for - I'm obviously worrying about nothing.

  9. I went through a Special Forces interview/qualification test, but after I had completed basic training so your experience will be different, but I would think that you could expect a severe lack of interest to be displayed by your interviewer, appathy might be another term that would apply. This is part of the interview to determine your level of self-motivation, focus and energy. Members of Elite units need men that are self-reliant, driven to suceed and willing to do anything to accomplish thier goals even in dire circumstances. That is more important than appearance and education (which will be rectified during your training).
  10. Thanks for your comments. Sorry I obviously angered you with my Q's, however, most of the stuff you answered was not part of what I was asking. I didn't post any info I received and I asked anybody with the experience of the day to PM. Revealing an intention anonymously is not breaking any rules and if it is and I'm rejected on the basis of trying to make sure that I'm properly prepared, then I can't imagine I would want to be affiliated with the reg.

    Kenno - Really appreciate your answer, thanks.
  11. Take no notice Ubergoose.

    Simple advice, go with an open mind. If you wear shoes, clean them. If you wear trousers, Iron them. If you wear a suit, make sure it fits you. If your hair is too long, get it tidied up.
  12. You ripped into a civvy who by his own admission knows bugger all about the interview process. Well done. Bullied at school were you?
  13. Just as long as you can tell them what colour the boat house is, you will be OK.
  14. You don't need a No.2 all over. A short smart hair cut is all that is required. Other than that, if they only told you to take documents then just take documents. Wear a smart suit or shirt and tie etc. as you would for any office job interview.
    If they wanted you to take PT kit they would say so.

    **Take your joining instructions with you**
  15. And if you feel the need for a dump, remember to stick it in a food bag and carry the turds in your trouser pockets/daysack.