21 sas eyesight requirements

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dev111, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. Just a quickie, I read on http://www.army.mod.uk/uksf/ that you need excellent eyesight to try for selection. I have read this page before and hadn't noticed this requirement before.

    I know that the rest of the TA generally dosent mind if you wear contacts or glases. Does this mean if you wear contacts (like I do) I cant try for selection?

  2. Maybe that says something????
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  3. Do they do the literature in braille???
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  4. I know someone who wore glasses whilst in the Regiment, however I couldn't tell you if he only needed to wear them some time post selection or whether he wore them beforehand. Why not just ask them?
  5. I think it depends on how bad your eyesight is. There is a basic eye test on initial medical. There are laods of personnel who wear glasses. But I'm unsure if you would be able to join if you had corrective eye laser treatment. Best to go find out at your local TAC.
  6. Unless 21 SAS is a fair bit better organised than anyone else, you're likely to get blank stares at best. Just apply, only way to find out.
  7. I believe laser treatment is still grounds for medical discharge. And yes I know lots of serving personnel have had it.
  8. You just spend your time wearing black tape over them anyway.
  9. Hey-up,

    I did the eyesight test, all fairly standard (cover this eye and read the board etc). Only one chap failed and he was told, as an aside by one of the DS, to get them lasered and come back which he did and passed. Why not try to quickly memorise the board before you sit down? Seriously!

    General point in the medical is to deny ever having anything wrong with you ever - one bloke broke his wrist 3 years before and told them. Even though it was fine (he was a gym instructor and used it every day) he was binned, so deny everything!

    Peace and Love
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    SAS eyesight standards are basically the same as for aircrew: they don't have to be perfect but they do have to be pretty close to it. Having said that, if they strictly enforced them, the Regiment would be half the size it is now, regular and TA. I would never recommend that a potential SF recruit should lie or cheat, but...
  11. Someone I knew, ahem, went all the way through with contact lens (although you better have had experience of sleeping in them and/or getting them in in 2 secs flat when you get bumped, etc...) and then had laser. Certainly neither the doctor or the admin staff were switched on enough to note that ten years' worth of short-sight pulheems results had miraculously changed....
  12. two eyes is good, any less and you're f*cked. :D
  13. I met a 2Lt in 23 with glasses before he joined and it wasn't an issue. He used large wadges of black electrical tape to strap them to his head for parachute training. Forget about contacts. Tried them years ago and they just don't work in the field - try adjusting a lens that has gone awry with fingers inevitably caked in cam cream, soil, oil, insect repellent and human faeces and see if you can avoid a) eye infection, b) wrecking the lens. Take a spare pair of glasses with you.
  14. I thought that the eyesight requirements were that on inspection you were found to have two eyes, each steely and with the look of hardened death dealer upon them. That they could see through walls and into the hearts of men with equal ease and were steady and unwavering under fire.

    Ideally later in the your career they would become cold and hardened, as your retire one develops a slight glide and your eyebrows go all "jack russelly" to give you the authentic "Feckin Barkin mad" look.....
  15. I *could* wear glasses, but I don't think they suit me so I don't bother - even without them I have above-average sight in my weaker eye. (I have very mild astigmatism in my left eye that turns my eyesight from superman levels down to merely above average - compensated for by my really crap sense of smell)

    Could be that the 2Lt could see perfectly well (By army standards) without the glasses but just preferred to wear them? I do find my left eye annoying at times, mostly when I'm trying to see/read something that's just beyond the ability of that eye. (And now I've thought about it I'm going to be annoyed with it all day. Arrse.)
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