21 SAS (artists)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by king_of_cheese, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. If this interests you try reading "The Quiet Soldier" by Adam Ballinger. Its a great book that details the selection from start to finish.

    The author had no previous millitary experience and at 26 years old joined even though he had a nice job, fiancee, and a degree.

    This was in the late 80's (1989 I think.)

    Anyway its a good read if that sort interests you, or if you like millitary things in general.
  2. Didn't he finish selection and then jack it in?
  3. Yes - which no doubt p1ssed off the DS! :D

    It's a good enough book, but remember it was written over 15 years ago; a lot of the details about Selection will be out of date. :wink:
  4. Yeah well he passed and then mentioned to his OC that he was getting married soon and possibly moving down to Devon. His OC responded saying there was no SAS reserve unit down there.

    I don't think it actually says what happend unless I missed it. Doesn't say whether he left not long after or stayed on for a bit. He just went away for his wedding and honeymoon and was told to think about it.

    Anyway think it was 1989 when he did selection.
  5. I f*cking love that book, it makes it sound so bloody hard.

    It was edited after a few additions, seemingly after some criticism that it wasn't wholely truthful.

    For example he claims the whole of his squadron were taken out on a 13 miler around central London which all 8 of them completed in under 1:20. YEH SURE! Oh and then they just had endurance on the weekend.

    I personally think the book is timeless and I will always keep a copy. It really does highlight the lengths to which these men go to pass the course and remain in the regiment.
  6. I must admit I have read it and own a copy.

    It does sound like a real test of will and motivation.

    I must have read a revised version, because I seem to remember it being less then 13, but it's been a while.