21(SAS) and 63(SAS)- is the selection the same?

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Alright fellow arrser's

Im just trying to find out if there actually is a difference between the two? Ive got a comms background but i want to learn demolitions and sniping. would it be wise to avoid 63 as this would not fufill what i was after? Would 21 be better to aim for? Ive been told 21 is much tougher but i was under the impression selection for both was the same- just with 63 having to do the Special Forces Communicator course????

Thanks for any help in advance guys
smudge67 said:
63 SAS is exactly 3 time harder than 21 SAS.....obviously!
I didnt mean how much harder is it, basically is the selection the same (i was under the impression all the special forces reserve do the same UKSF selection), then 63 and SBS do a little bit more.

As well- would 21 be better for the areas or do you think 63 could possibly do them too?
Smudge,where did you learn your math skills? it is exactly 42 times harder than 21 SAS. But still not as hard as 69 SAS muffDiver Troop ..
awwwww, bless, you both missed it........maybe it's a TA thing??

21 x 3 = 63!! Geddit??
I'm not sure what the difference between the 2 are to be honest. But you might as well go for 21 since it suits what you want to be doing more.
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Cloggie said:
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