21 HG 29 - Remember this vehicle? Served with 32 Regt RA

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by gavfoz, Aug 24, 2005.

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  1. Hi

    Just a quick post to see if anyone remembers using my recently purchased Land Rover. The military reg was 21 HG 29 (as you probably guessed from the post title) and the vehicle in question was a 3/4ton FFR Series 3. I know it was released from 32 Regiment RA in March 1997. Date into service was March 1981.

    Any information such as where its been, which battery it belong to, photos, who put that dent there, why that bit is missing etc etc would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance,
  2. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    I'm pretty sure it was written off and scrapped, have you checked for damage repair?
  3. That was quick!

    I have MOD Form 654 (Disposal of Cast Vehicle Form) in front of me and it says the vehicle was a none runner but complete, not damaged or written off.

    Hope this helps . . .
  4. I seem to remember seeing 21 HG 29 on its roof having lost an argument with a Chieftan on Soltau years ago. I'm sure I have a photo of it. I'll try and dig it out.
  5. Awesome. Just what I wanted to hear!
  6. Yeh, I remember it well. Its a cut'n'shut, if you look carefully at the subframe, you'll see where they joined it up with bits of old cable-tray and dexion. I think it originally sank on the "Atlantic Conveyor", and was salvaged back in 83.
  7. 21 HG 29 ?
    Could you look under the seats as the last time I drove it I'm pretty sure I lost some small change................about 8DM's from memory.
    I couldn't get back inside the cab after the incident with the Chieftan on Soltau as the it was completely flattened, tell me how is the old girl?
  8. Now then I sense someone might be pulling my leg slightly. "Cut and Shut" umm I wonder. . .

    Bit of extra info I just remembered: one of the seat bases has reg 18 KB 31 written on it if that means alt to anyone. And no you can't have it back if you've been looking for it!
  9. Dont even get me started about 18 KB 31!
  10. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    21 HG 29 ------ Well fcuk me backwards and smash a shovel in me fizzog. Argh, how the memories come flooding back. Black steering wheel, two iccle wiper blades. Is it still green and black?
  11. Wasn't that the one that was totalled by 20 HF 77?
  12. Naa, youre thinking of 26 HD 69.
  13. Managed to dig out that photo I was on about. I was mistaken, it wasnt a Chieftan that hit it, it was a Chally.

    Here is a photo just before its crash;

  14. That's the one Flash. I remember looking at the damage and thinking some idiot will still probably buy it.

  15. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Seriously though, if its the one I'm thinking of its famous around the Regt as being where the BSM was caught by the BK In Flagrantewith the Bty Clk after the famous Bty smoker of '93. I'm surprised that they let it go instead of having it mounted (bit like the clerk) as a gate guardian.