Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Peebottom, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. Being posted out to 21 reg 4 squadron anyone got a clue on what there up to at the mo. tried speaking to them direct and just get told to fob off. Osnabruck any good as a posting, heard mixed thoughts
  2. mate enjoyed 3 years there and if it wasnt for them moving back to uk id go back in a shot
    pad or singly new z type for the singlies and the mqs arent to bad either
    on the whole mate same sh*t different town but its what you make it its no longer osnatraz just expect telic next year
  3. never posted there but been there for the RE games & to play regt fitba.

    quality place on the lash.

    as stated by HEART_STOPPER does not really matter where you go within the corps it is the same.

    good luck.
  4. I kept on hearing bout it being Osnatraz but lets hope your right. Wasn't so keen on being armoured but i guess it'll have its perks though. heard of maybe a tour in Afghan early nxt year
  5. It is in Osnabrück last time I went into the camp. Which was yesterday
  6. i never said it wasn't in Osnabruck, jus kept on hearing there was nothing round there as in Alcatraz=Osnatraz 8O
  7. Lived in Osnabrück since 1997. There is loads to do, not only in Os but within a couple of hours drive too.

    If your are part of the Playstation generation then you are right there is fcuk all round here.

    Why not when you get to Osnabrück, you make the most of your posting and leave the loosers in the block on their PS2's.

    Just a thought.
  8. Never liked the playstaion anyhow. Xbox has always been for me

    What are the locals like, and is it easy on travel as in getting to rest of europe
  9. The locals are German and in the main okay with us Brits. If you make an effort to learn the basics in German such as please/thankyou they usually speak English back.

    The A30 is the main East West autobahn so Amsterdam is 3 hrs by car and Berlin 4. The A1 is a North South so Hamburg and Bremen are about 2 hrs North and Dotmund 90 mins South.

    Prague etc can be done in a day to but worth a weekend stay.

    Its what you make of it really.

    The train is a bit expensive, but thats due to the world cup. Should sort themselves out again soon though.
  10. Can only echo the above. It’s the European mainland FFS, the gateway to everywhere. 21 was (a while ago) a fine Regt, the Traz is fine place. At least it is no worse than lots of other places you could end up in!!!!!!

    And by the way, since when did it start to become a choice?????
  11. new army fella don't you know anything :?: :?: :?: :?:

    "would you like to go ............ please, we could really do with you at this unit, thank you" :x :x :x :x
  12. What he really wants to know is does any naked fighting go on, and can he wear ladies under-wear at the weekend? Regretting not going 59 now?

    Please tell me the army hasn't spent over 21k on your training and you still can't punctuate a sentence properly. I know you've got an A-Level in English FFS ;-)

    Welcome to ARRSE I told you it is an indispensable wealth of information, you stay out the NAAFI though they play rough in there...
  13. I got posted to Osna . in 85 with 23 Engrs. loved the area and stayed . town well good as long as you stay away from "dreamers" and the whore house on the bahnhof just been done up , all what you need ;-)
  14. there speaks a voice of experience 8) 8) 8) 8)
  15. Even if you just need to go somewhere they dont slam your change on the table Encheeda (not sure on the spelling) just over the border in Holland is a good day out and a fantastic letch!!!
    And better yet its only an hour away