21 Engineer Regt lads sadly killed.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by creepy, May 4, 2010.

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  1. Felt a real pang of loss today learning that two lads from my old Regiment, 21, had been killed, and made sadder by the fact one was killed in an accident poor sod. R.I.P. lads, we're thinking of you and your Families.
  2. names have finally been released and are here on the BBC.

    God bless both Daz & Barry.

    Barry I never had the honour - Daz you really were one of a kind. A true Gentleman, legend, hero and friend. You will be missed so much.

    See you both at the squadron bar in the sky!
  3. RIP - Ubique
  4. RIP lads, condolences to all at 21 Engrs and there families.

    I knew Baz well, served with him in 6 Sqn, 22 Engrs throughout TELIC 10.
    Thoughts with you all.
  5. Ditto

    I also met Baz in 22 :(

    RIP both of you!
  6. RIP lads, my thoughts are with the families and friends at this difficult time
  7. RIP gents... :(
    See you at the FRV...
  8. RIP Lads, another sad day for the Corps :(
  9. got back a couple of hours ago, the repatriation did 3 brave men (heroes in the Generals words as he fell the parade out) justice.

    Daily wail report

    1st time I've attended a repatriation (at this end) - gets bloody dusty in the marquee at the end of the service! Was an honour to have been there to welcome these 3 heroes back home.