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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by arty90, Nov 28, 2010.

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  1. iv been posted to ripon well happy about as im a yorkshire lad and its the next best thing after germany.

    but what it like? ie: slam? guard? hows the camp run? scoff and afghan dates?
  2. Ripon is good! Nice little city with Leeds, Newcastle about an hour away. Foods ok usual civi chefs busy next year so look forward to being away for most of it
  3. thats good then, busy with what? do they get much adventure training?
  4. 21 have just got back from a Herrick tour. I would imagine they will be off again in about 24 months.
  5. Lots of Kenya's, exercises and I think a med man. If you like it busy Ripons your place.
  6. As for adventure training you have two hopes!
  7. Depends if he has an awesome Troopy to get him on loads of courses and AT.

    ARTY90, I'll send you a PM with some more specific details of living in Ripon and a rough forecast of events.
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Ripon is generally regarded as the Corps' best location - always more people wanting to go there than spaces.
  9. No SLAM mate but the accommodations not too bad.

    The Pay as you starve cookhouse is gopping by far the worst food I've seen on any barracks. Got Army chef's in the kitchen but unfortunately there's not alot they can do about it as the problem is the s**t ingredients Sodexo give them.
  10. do we have our own shared kitchens? hows guard picked? im a signaller will that effect which sqn im in? is there any "personalties" to watch out for? whats the phys like? ha iv got hundreds a question i should probably just wait out and find out for myself
  11. oh and whats the xmas leave dates? as i should be there after my RE CMS course next week
  12. Given that 21 share a camp with an Adv Trg Centre I would hope that there was a very good chance of some AT..... Surely the Tp Sgts/SSgts have the gumption to give the centre a ring and see if there are any spaces? Then they can allocate a young Tom to walk ALL of about 500 meters to the centre?
  13. No kitchen's in the block, officially we're only allowed a microwave and toaster for cooking equipment but some lads have got mini oven's and electric hob's you just have to play the game and hide them when not in use.

    You should already know your sqn on your posting order but there are signallers in all the squadron's. I'm a signaller myself so you could end up in my troop.

    Personalities to look for: Just the usual of the RSM, CO, Adjt, OC & SSM - if they've got an officers beret chuck one up and say good morning/afternoon and if they've got a big stick or a crown on their chest make sure you say good morning/afternoon and brace up and you won't go far wrong.

    Most the regiment are off on leave on the 9th because we've got loads of leave after getting back off tour but I think the rear party are still going to be in work till the 17th. Best bet is to give someone a ring up here (or get someone from TV troop/CTW to do it for you)

    Phys we do 5 times a week. The HQ Sqn does slightly different timings to the rest of us but the general timings are:

    Mon - 1030 start Phys 1st thing
    Tues - Green (combats & boots) phys 0830
    Wed - 1330 Sports (whatever floats your boat but has to be organised)
    Thurs - Run/Circuits 0830
    Fri - Green phys 1100

    Send me a PM with your questions and I'll try an d answer then for you as best I can.

    Unfortunately the AT wing can't just load people on at the last minute like they used to because all bookings are made through the main centre in Wales now but there are way's and means
  14. Got 1 aes, any one got any info on that? Exercise and deployments would be much appreciated
  15. Check PM's Arty