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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by uavgunner, Apr 23, 2005.

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  1. can anyone here tell me about 21 bty i know about their role and p coy but i dont know much about how the bty operates and what life is like in the bty?

    members of my bty in 32 have recently come from 47 regt and a couple of them were from 21 and they say it was crap but id like to hear what anybody else thinks about the bty and if its role is on the way out
  2. Can't speak for them at the moment but I did know quite a few of them before they went airborne and were some of the finest guys I have ever worked with, so much so I tried to get posted there.

    like any unit its going to have its fair share of geezers and tawts, so i would take anything you hear about it witha pinch of salt. Thing about them is they probably fall into same catagory as 4/73 where you have a "green" unit within a standard one (sorry best way I can explain it) for admin purposes will always create an air of arrogance from that unit and resentment from the rest of the regt.

    I love this belief evryone has in saying AD is on it way out, the DRA, MoD et al seem to changer there mind on a daily basis on what is required, at the begining of the 90's lt guns were no use, get rid, get AS90 in, now regts are re-roling back, around the gulf it was all "conteventional arty is dead, lets get MLRS", now look who holds all the launchers and my favourite "oh we don't need Locating assets, what a waste of time an money"

    If things go tits up with China, watch the skys friends
  3. I think you'll find most of the regt is too busy to resent 4/73. What they do doesn't much affect anyone else apart from guards for the cse.

    Hmmm changing world, changing threats mean anything to you?
    90s USSR still around chance of 3rd shock advancing=MLRS does most damage.
    Post 9/11 no major military threat smaller policing/conflicts requires quicker reaction=Lt gun more deployable.

    We never got rid of the assets just a Regt that would never deploy as a regt just as individual sub units. What do we have now 2 locating regts that don't deploy as regts but as individual btys.
  4. Even a dyed in the wool steamy like me can see that GBAD is as necessary as ever - espec with the UAV and hel threat seemingly increasing not to mention inbound rockets full of nasty stuff. the prob is that for funding and manning purposes it has come second or worse for years. Therefore we can only blame ourselves for the current parlous state of AD! Still, its always good to have part of your organisation who will bite at the first hint of provocation!
  5. Yes, that was what I was trying to get across, maybe too subtle or cack handed but my point was that this is an every changing threat and we reform as and when required, HOWEVER, changes made are often sweeping with no concept of what might be. Thats why I made the point about Lt Gun, once we had a heady mix, then hardly any and its lack showed. Of course we have to adapt but why the brash comments of "is AD regular role on its way out" that is all.

    So I imagined the disbandment of 156 and Q btys then ? Oops sorry that should read re-roling of 156 to HQ AMF(L) BEFORE being placed in Suspended animation and the re-designation of Q Bty as HQ 5 Regt.

    Which ever way round you look at it in 1992 we have 4 Locating Bty's in 1993 we had 2 with a hell of a lot of spares , which were mostly duff anyway. If you only want to think radar then fine, yes the assets were dispersed and then re-merged (so to speak), 94 was never designed to deploy together, same as 5 and 32 now.

    I have no wish to argue semantics, my point is still vaid that you can't write something off simply because we haven't used it for a bit, if that was the case the Parachute Regt would have disbanded years ago.
  6. Since the FAS reductions, 21 has decreased dramatically its proportion of non-badged soldiers. Therefore only consider going there if you are serious about P Coy. The Bty is the only HVM Bty to retain SL and LML HVM with Pzgr 6x6. the Bty is constantly on the go supporting 16 AA Bde and is an integral part of the Bde, in and out of role. So when the Bde deploys on ops again, 21 Bty will certainly be involved. they are a hard, well motivated and well led Bty with swagger but not arrogance.

  7. Well DZ,

    If you have access to the shop floor some constructive comments to help out UAV Gnr would be useful. If you can't assist then turn smartly to the left and Foxtrot Oscar. things in 21 obviously started to look up as you left...coincidence?

  8. DZ,

    Some truth no doubt in what you say. However, the BC is ex 7 and has a good AD grounding, the BK is ex 20 Bty but was a TSM in 43 Bty and is fitter than a butcher's dog - new BSM I don't know about but guess he is ex 20 bty.

    Ref use of Bty for springboard to success - not aware of it currently in 47, all BCs seem pretty grounded and look out for their boys (and girls). People nearly always are posted into Comd slots, the RA does business that way and it all depends on board results, which all depend on CRs, which depend on the individual and the RO!

    Ref rubber daggers - as a hat you should hold those who are badged in greater awe!

    Ref - looking for my next job - who isn't periodically looking outside the Army when the shit gets too deep?

    I also served in 24 Bde and they were good times - however things move on. under FAS we bloody nearly had no SL or LML capability and that would have been the end of CAD in 16 Bde!

    DZ - permission to fall out!

  9. BK, BSM from 20? Who's dat den? first and last letters of surname will do.

    gotta keep up with where the lads have thinned out to.
  10. God

    you lot talk some ammount of shite.

    that wouldnt be a touch of the green eyed monster about soldiers being posted into command appointments ahead of you would it dzerzhinskiey?

    They have all obviously worked a little harder than you to get the recognition and the promotion that comes with sacrifice and ability.

    and as for rubber daggers, i bet you a pound your new BSM could run you into the ground, and i do believe he is nearly 40!!

  11. DZ,

    Several thousand miles from home at the moment matey!