21 and the bug fcuk connection!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mooch, Mar 8, 2005.

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  1. while passing through colerne the other day i spotted a yellow bug outside the camp and was told that a "home win" was on the cards, did the bug bug out or it did it get back in?
    anyone who has this info should help me out.
    many thanks, from a crow.
  2. WTF :?:

  3. Quick somebody get CDT to 21 sigs. Or has the cold wind finally got to you.
  4. Which footie team does the bug play for?
  5. maybe i should have been clearer, by bug i mean volkswagon beetle.
    it had been banned from camp for having the fcuk logo on its window.
    the right people will understand.
    and yes the wind is bad, however with the gurkha sqn formed we can no longer say its a bit nippy, so i shall only go to say its a bit pearl harbour!!!
  6. Lot of 'in house' going on....... so can the bug get back on camp if they loose the chav sticker ?? :lol:
  7. The bug is back and the sticker's intact!!!
  8. is it duty rumour or has the bug gone again for sumthing other than a sticker?

    p.s has it got the porche engine in it yet?
  9. Does anyone really care!!!!!!!