21/7 Bombers get life

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fozzy, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6291238.stm

    Recommended that they they serve at least 40 years.


    However, there needs to be some serious questions asked about why these guys were not lifted previously.
  2. I can't help feeling that it's an unsatisfactory result in some ways. I'm glad the scum have been put away, but I wonder how much of a punishment it will turn out to be, once they've become acclimatised to life in the clink, and are nicely institutionalised. And how much is it going to cost to keep them, for 40 years? - I don't doubt that their every religious/cultural desire will be catered to, at our expense. That's if they actually do the full stretch (whatever the judge says).

    You're right, serious questions do have to be asked. We don't know what the security services get up to, but there does seem to have been a lot of luck involved in beating these people, so far. They can't keep relying on the incompetence of the terrorist forever (I'm sure they don't). An once again, the Immigration fiasco plays a major part.
  3. As a tax payer i resent the fact that i will be contributing to the many thousands a year it costs to house these scumbags, wouldnt it make far more sense to string the tw&ts up?, however, lets hope the forty years turns out to be as unpleasant as possible for them
  4. We can only hope they go on hunger strike.
  5. These are young men in the prime of life. Having their youth and middle age taken from them is a far more fitting punishment. Death would be the quick way out - and was after all, what they expected and wanted.

    They will have lots of time to reflect on their actions as they become old men behind bars.
  6. Can't they be extradited back to Somalia etc?

    On the one hand I hope that they'll be held in Max Security and in isolation; you don't want them becoming the 'bigman' to all the impressionable Muslim converts in gaol despite being as much ****tards as the most recent mobile BBQers. On the other, Max Security et al will cost us mucho dinero.

    Maybe poor countries around the world could start a trade in housing foreign prisoners. Or how about China, they like having a stab at making a few quid and could knock up prisons to order?

    Countries in Eastern Europe could turn housing prisoners into their national industry. Poland could recall all their builders and start whacking prisons up. Romanias economy could do with a boost.

    If ugly bints can get plastic surgery on the cheap in these countries I'm sure PM Brown could do a pretty good deal on relocating our masses of foreign prisoners to equally foreign climes.
  7. Usually against this statement I am about to make.... bring back hard labour in prison!
  8. The Security Service have finite resources, perhaps it's a case of having too many suspects to follow with not enough staff? Notwithstanding that, they should have been high up on the list of priorities
  9. So they got life... let me see... that means they'll be out in how many years?!!! :x :x :x No doubt in time for the Olympics!
  10. The story suggests it'll be the 2048 Olympics!
  11. But will they be deported at the end of their sentence? as I'm led to belive these were "asylum seekers" on full benefits lets hope they also have costs to pay so no snout and choccy bars for them
  12. A first too be agreeing with you but i doubt they will unfortunately :x while they can use the inside time to act as recruiters :x

    I believe that hard labour is a resonable punishment for those who either have commited crimes against the state or those who cannot be or will not rehabilitate

  13. The chances of a hunger strike would appear pretty slim. I'm sure all their Halal catering requirements will be met in full.

    Bread and water would be more appropriate and cost effective.
  14. I was kind of hoping for the opposite. Of 'life' that is...

    Still, so long as they're banged up they aren't the brand-spanking martyrs jihad recruiters so love. Perhaps as a result some daft wee boy full of hormones and anger won't be persuaded to don a semtex vest. I supose it's the best we can hope for.
  15. Life? Excellent, the exact opposite of what they wanted. I suspect they'll spend a lot of it in solitary to protect them from their fellow lags, I doubt very much they'll be allowed near the muslim communities in prison.