21/7 accused in Muslim bias claim


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http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6654467.stm (c) BBC.

I can't say that I've ever heard of the Provisional Wing of The Roman Catholic Church (aka the Society of Jesus (Jesuits)) ever resorting to suicide bombing, so I'm not at all surprised that this inference was allegedly drawn.
So is this a guilty plea then?
Cross examining him, Nigel Sweeney QC, prosecuting, responded by saying: "That is total and utter tripe."
Couldn't have said it better meself.
The bloke sending the letter bombs wasn't stuffing a feckin enormous parcel with homemade bang and carrying it round personally. That might have had something to do with why he wasn't labelled a suicide bomber.

Protest against the Iraq War my arrse. He was the one doing the Racial Discrimination - against the Human Race.
This is the sort of bullsh*te you can expect from Islamic scum and their state supplied anti British liars,er sorry lawyers.Got to play the race card in front of (they hope)a left-wing jury.

Hopefully a nice long stretch coming up for him as a guest of HM.

If this moron and his co-accused pulled this stunt in Saudi Arabia they would have made a short public appearence in chop-chop square some time ago by now.
Still not telling the truth is seems... pfft... dump his rear into Loch Ness smeared with bait on the next Nessie hunt.
We can only hope to god that that judge and jury throw this scum in jail, does he really think that this will wash with the courts? carrying around a playdoh might be seen as a protest, but not a bag of explosive.
Example - what if someone was caught with a truck containing a fertiliser bomb, would he expect the excuse of going to fertilise his field to wash with the court?
Unfortunatly for him others of his situation have a very bad habit of blowing themselves up and innocent people with them.


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Poor bloke. I really feel for him. He was only protesting FFS with a representation or mock-up of the real thing that only did a wikkle bang not a big one. It's only 'cos e iz black and a muslim that he's even in court FFS.

The only reason why he told lies at all is because he thought that he would be tortured. So basically he felt he was forced to hold something back that he would later give under torture to show that at that point (in between his screams) he was actually telling the truth! After all, there's no point telling the truth in the first instance because if he then tells the same thing under torture, they'll think he is still lying. Makes perfect sense to me.

The guy is crying out for justice and understanding and all you people can do is scoff and mock. Really!!!

Edited to add: whoopie-doopie-doo, I've done 1000 posts which shows what a slack-arrsed waste of space I am. I'm now playing with the big boys!!!!!

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