21/23 selection

hey, im just looking for some advice, hints are any sort of information that maybe useful to someone having a go at selection, advice on trining techniques would be greatly appreciated!!

Forrest - try contacting the Units. I don't know about 21, but 23 used to send potential recruits a 3 month fitness training course. I beleive SBS(R) do the same.
Good luck.
They also guide you through training for selection, a step at a time....Though there is a minimum standard to be at when you start building up with 'them'.....And its not as high as you might expect....
If you are serious about attempting Selection, don't be scared to ask the Regiments for advice on personnal training. It's in their best interest to give you every chance possible to pass - without lowering their standards.
From what I've heard and read, UKSF Reserve has never been so busy. The Regs are stretched(but not over-stretched. Perish the thought)and a lot of regular soldiers and marines are leaving to take up highly-paid contract work. Which is why the Gov. rushed through a pay-rise for SF soldiers. So UKSF, both Reg and STAB, needs as many recruits as possible, as fit and as well prepared as possible. The old days of "Rejection, not Selection" are long gone, though the standards remain the same.
Once again; good luck.
cheers for the advice lads, much appreciated, thats where the nickname came from legs.

thanks again and if you've got any more info it would be greatly appreciated.

if you ask the unit that you have applied to - they do very nice shiney brochures (and i aint kidding before anyone piles in) and it will highlight the basic skills such as map reading, fitness etc.

get your head down, and have fun
It's not about training to pass SF selection it's about not getting an injury? you are more likely to fail selection with this then you are with fitness. By the time you get to SF week you will be fit to pass, if you do not get this far then you will have to look at the reasons why.
No. They'll bin you if you behave like a ********. B2o's advice is spot on. Injury is not something you can plan to avoid - after all, which Joe who is dead-set on achieving his aim intends to get injured?

Work hard, keep your sense of humour (itt'l be on the packing list, under "to be kept on the soldier at all times") and good luck.
Don't be selfish, bring some mates along with you.
Be mentally fit too

psych yourself up

you will come across the occasional 'sickener'.

If your doing a ten-miler with weight, they may park up a 4 tonner at the eight mile point - you think youve miscalculated your track think its your taxi home.

the big grin on your face soon drops as it drives off when you get to within 100 yards of it.

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