21,000 Brit Contractors in Iraq

The only thing that gets me about these dudes is that they're exempt from the ROE that squaddies have to follow.

Who are they really accountable to?
The Guardian report is harvested from a report by WarOnWant which is an NGO

Past all the stuff we've heard already, ref ROE etc etc

WarOnWants main (only real) point in this article is trying to link PMCs to alleged prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib prison by suggesting personnel who have "Repeatedly escaped prosecution" for the Abu Ghraib abuses are now working for PMCs

That is a pretty tenuous attempt to smear PMCs

The second pop at PMCs comes from Chief exec of care international who down plays the involvement of PMCs and the military in "quick impact projects" which he describes as "ineffective, inapropriate and short-termist" and based on a political/military agenda

I've yet to come across a non political NGO

War On Wants plainly shows its colours


Interestingly War On Wants largest funders other than

Big lottery relief,
Isle of Man Overseas Aid Committee
and Comic relief

Are DFID which uses PMCs, I dont see them rejecting their funding on the principal that they use private security

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