20th November 1916

To all serving and ex Tankies out there have a great Cambrai Day,
there are a few of us old tankies here in the colonies and we always get together on this day for a right old Pi** up and story telling day.

ps.... I really do hope you remembered this Vespa if not I demand you take that flag down from under your name!!!!!!!
Sorry to point this out... but the offensive at Cambrai was launched on 20 Nov 1917! The fearsome slaughter that was 3rd Ypres had finally fizzled out with the capture of Paschendale village 8 days earlier. Considering how close they were together, they were a complete contrast... and neither came anywhere close to achieving their aims
Your absolutley right an embarressing typo on my part not being very good on a keyboard :oops: .

How ever 20th November is recognised (Cambrai Day)as the first battle honour of the RTR as this was the first action the newly formed Tank corps saw, tank action had occured earlier in the war you are correct on that.

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