20th July 1982 - 30th Anniversary of IRA bomb Hyde Park

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fairy_nuff, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. 30 years ago today the Blues and Royals were on their way to carry out the guard change on Horseguards Parade. They didn't get there, the IRA detonated a car bomb, 4 men and 7 horses were killed, more injured.
    This is a photos of Sefton and Echo. Sefton was a cavalry black who had nails stuck in him and Echo was a Metropolitan Police Horse who had a piece of metal embeded in his side. Both retired to the Horse Trust. There was another horse, Yeti who retired with them but no photos of him.

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  2. RIP

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  3. Wrong picture I'm afraid, but I can't complain, as you had the respect to google for it anyway. The bombing Fairy is on about is when the Queens Lifeguard was blown up.
    This the memorial to the 4 that were killed. Everyday when the QLG passes, they do an eyes left (On way) / right (On way back) to the plaque. The local council never replaced the kerb there, as the bomb, I think, was in a bin, but it was a nail bomb and badly damaged the kerb. I remember the Master saddler in the late 90's telling me how he was a Trooper in the saddlers shop that day. He said everybody heard a loud bang and ran to the gates of the barracks and looked down the road, just to see the mess that was there. I've put a link in to a photo of that day, saves people not looking at it if they don't want to, it's not a pretty sight.

    RIP guys.

    BBC ON THIS DAY | 20 | 1982: IRA bombs cause carnage in London

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  4. I served with Staff Corporal Bright in NI, a good friend and a true gentleman.

    RIP Sparky.
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  6. Weren't some of teh horses put down by the Farriers using a Policemans revolver?

    Apparently Sefton stood, blood coming out of everywhere, nails embedded in him and his rider holding the reins. He became a overnight national hero, when it was leaked he had a penchant for Polo mints the British public sent tons to the barracks.

    Had a bit of a misfire for the cnuts who placed the bomb though. Who'd have thought the pictures and stories of horses being killed and maimed would have disgusted the Irish so. It's not like they like horses is it1
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  8. I don't know about that one. Obviously there were 2 coppers with them (as always is with QLG), plus more coming and very fast, but considering that they must have had to put a few down and fast, could be more than likely.
  9. RIP Jeff.
    Always remembered mate!
  10. I know to what it relates to thank you. I was working as a staff nurse in A&E at Westminster Hospital where the injured were taken. I just thought the picture of the horses was a hopeful one. I remember the faces of the injured and those who died, one in theatre and one the next day.
  11. Fairy,don't think the post was aimed at you
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    We will remember them.
  13. [​IMG]

    The white bits are where nails and strips of metal from the car were embedded! I've often wondered if teh Vet just decided that there was no way this horse was going die if he could help it. Not many survive severed jugular veins!

    Sefton was declared horse of the year, and when he went in to the arena (ridden by the same rider from that day I think) the crowd went ape.

    On the day, crowds poured out from offices to help after both bombs and the wounded were lucky that the local hospital was on strike... seriously. The strikers called off the strike imediatly, and there were more medics dotted around than on a normal day because of the strike.
  14. RIP Roy Bright, he was my Troop 3bar, out in Detmold, before he got promoted to SQMC.and posted to HCMR.
    Always respected by those above and below him.
    Would have gone to the top.