20th Anniversary of the Persian Gulf War.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ALVIN, Jul 31, 2010.

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  1. On Monday 2nd August 2010, it will be the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi forces sparking off the First Gulf War of 1990-91.
    From what i can research, nobody has any plans to "officially" stage any remembrance event of any description to mark this milestone in world history !
    The coalition only took on the 4th largest military forces in the world at that time and recorded one of the most decisive victories ever in modern warfare, only 100hrs in the case of ground forces !

    1, Where were you when all this kicked off ?

    2, Do you think that the 20th Anniversary of this event should rightfully be "officially" recognised ?

    3, Was this invasion the catalyst for the second Gulf War and even Afghanistan ?
  2. 1) I was stagging on at Warcop and watched it "live" on CNN IIRC.

    2) Probably not, considering our current problems

    3) Deffo the catalyst for GW2, I think afghan would have happened anyway

  3. 1. I was in Kent watching it on Tele having left the Army 18 months previously and in receipt of a telex from our Chief stating that 'I was one of six PCs he would be happy to release......' In the event, the MOD only took medics, thank Christ

    2. Definately, any conflict resulting in loss of our soldiers lives should be remembered, but to have that realistic GW1 feeling you would have to arrange for an USAF A10 to brass the parade up.

    3. GW2, yep
  4. 1. I was still looking for gainful employment after finishing my career with HM Forces on 1st June 1990.

    2. Something small and dignified would be nice. (Lol.....I like ACAB's idea for a realistic 'Brass up' by the spams.)

    3. Defo for second Gulf as I think GW had something to prove. I think Afghanistan would have got it anyway, someone had to pay for 9/11 and the Taliban stepped up to the plate.
  5. Just finished loading the last consignment of wokka sand filters we'd just finished into the back of an RAF 4 tonner.
  6. Where is this ''Persian Gulf'' of which you speak?????

    Could it be close to the ''Arabian Gulf'', ie the bit of water between Iran and the Gulf States
  7. It's north-east of Rhodesia and west of Calcutta.
  8. Traditionally UK does not mark 20th anniversaries, I believe it does 25th, 50th and 60th with formal funding. Anything other than that is down to individual discretion.
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Sitting in the crewroom on 1435Flt down MPA,watching it happen on TV.
  10. 1, sitting around a NZ army base watching it happen on TV, knowing theres absolutly no feckin' chance of a deployment.

    2, yeh go on, I'll buy a coffee mug.

    3, I wouldnt say the catalyst, but deffo the foundation for GW2 and the Bush need for a 'victory' to appease the American bloodlust over 9/11 and guaranteeing his re-election.
  11. Dusseldorf, Germany listening to or watching it on BFBS/CNN.
    No wait for the 25th, maybe the BBC could do a program on it.
    Not the catalyst for GW2 but maybe a reason.
  12. 1) On the Piss. I got back to the house, turned on the TV and sat there slack jawed looking at it. I then phoned my Dad and shouted "They're bombing Bagdad!" down the phone at him. "I know." he replied.

    2) Why would we want to commemerate dropping various segments of the Iraqi population in it?

    3) Catalyst? No. Prolog.
  13. In a Danish lasses flat, Sonderborg, Denmark
    Wait until 25th Anni - seems to be the tradition - plus it'll take me that long to respond to the invite the way my admin is!!
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    To be fair the August invasion was not viewed with any significance by most serving back then. It was only in November/December that there was any idea that it was going to be anything important.

    Besides the real war didn't start until 17th Jan 1991.
  15. F*ck Me, you must have had one hell of a crystal ball. I was under the impression the bombing campaign didn’t start until January 1991 :wink: