20Bde Dep Comd Suspended.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TangoZeroAlpha, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Well, we know they are at pains to ensure 100% accuracy - it says so in Soldier. :evil:
  2. All because a bunch of women can't take a bollocking, anyway the scum would have to get a dig in about the "Iraqi beatings".
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Colonel suspended from duty for 'SHOUTING' at people :!: :!: :!:

    FFS that means there will no longer be any RSMs or CSMs.

    There are times when I am glad I am no longer in.
  4. 8O 8O Are the forces getting a tad too politically correct? Where is the discipline that when someone.....normally the 'badge' gave you a still bollocking you did not err again?
    Maybe I'm missing the point here, someone has made the decision to suspend a senior officer and put his future career in doubt. Next we will be having sprogs complaining to the CO that the SSM shouted at them and violated their human rights :x
    Where is the forces going? I for one am glad I left before the rot set in.
    Bliar....get a grip of the situation :twisted: :twisted:
  5. It's a good job Sir Peter Inge is no longer serving then. I remember him as Corps Commander, he makes Alan Sugar look like a lightweight. Fantastic to work for, and loved to praise professionalism, but he could not stand incompetants though and you could hear him say so from a distance.
  6. Bullying hides incompetence, behaviour like this is indicative of a personality disorder not strong leadership (If true) Does anyone here wish to be commanded by someone with an psycopathic personality disorder? The fact there has been a string of complaints indicates that there is some truth in the story.
  7. It may be well to remember that ARRSE policy is that we do not normally discuss the detail of cases whilst investigations and/or proceedings are ongoing.
  8. No disrespect to the officer concerned, but according to The Sun he is a "high-flier."

    I'm sure hitting full colonel by 48 is perfectly respectable and all that, but high-flying?
  9. ... or it could simply mean that the complainants were lilly-livered, and would cry at the slightest thing. We don't know the details, and so we shouldn't be so quick to judge. Shouting doesn't hurt (apart from a ringing in the ears maybe!). If there is more to this then I will be interested to hear the repercussions for the field army.
  10. "High-flier Colonel Chris Owen, 48". Would you class that as flying high? A Colonel at 48 - Not really soaring like an eagle.
  11. Spot on VB. Let the investigation take its course.
  12. Legs I agree there should be a proper investigation, it always strikes me as strange though that those suffering under a bully are labelled as weak, when it is the bully, hiding behind his rank and the system who is usually the weak one. Strong leaders manage, bad leaders shout and bully usually in an attempt to hide their own failings.

    A very interesting site on the psychology of bullies is found on this link:


    Makes interesting reading.
  13. Sorry, but being a bit in the rag its in I'm inclined to leave it. Thye have to get their weekly dig at the army in and he's connected to the 'beatings scandle' its a nice link to keep that story afloat at the same time.

    On a more personal level, so feckkin what? So he made some folk upset with his robust leadership style, Last time I looked I was in the ARMY, we have guns and stuff one of our aims in life is to close with and kill the enemy, sorry but due to the nature of the job and the ppl therein, some of 'em are inclined to shout a bit.................... Big deal, leave the guy alone and I hope it all prooves to be a load of mis-directed overly PC rubbish that results in someone being told to grow up.
  14. Oh dear what a pity...
    Someone shouted at someone.....someone took offence....lets get a big white fluffy glove to comfort everyone and have a group hug.

    Why dont we just get on with our job?
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