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On the unit, I know they have recently returned from H15 but what else does the unit do, what is the focus? Do they get any AT? (unlike anyone else). Current personalities and tone within the unit? Any opinions (on the above topic) welcome.

some of them i have met have all been good uns,, one of the best has now left,,melvin,, just wish that one of the officers there was not such a plonker,, if it was not for him i think it would be 100pc
A lot of the unit aren't from Liverpool although that's where it's based. It recruits from north west Cumbria all the way down to Anglesey.

There are odd bits of AT throughout the year on camp and a couple of weekends and the 2 Med Bde AT packages are open as well. Last year was all about pre-deployment training so this year will look very different training-wise. Has a very good CO in his 2nd term in the post who has strong values and is clear what he wants the unit to be. He's changed it very much for the better in many ways.
anyone know what came of colonel hobday ? this one may have left by now have not seen him in a few months, why the two ,, ? so i know i have done it :D
sorry i had that put down wrong.. i was answering two things at once,, i did meet him in the BOOT INN in chester, there used to be a photo with us to swimming the river severn,,it was way befor 2000 the RAMC took over from the 4/7th cheshires,,1967 ish

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