207 sigsqn SOLTAU

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by noddysigs, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. Hi lads any of you serve in 207 sigs/7 armdbde sig squ between 87 and 91.........i was comds tac and then g1g4!
  2. Yes, I was there from 86 to 89 on Ops then onto the air det in Alpha Troop working with Earpsy! What a great posting Soltau was! Loads of beer and trips to Hamburg. Fantastic first tour with some cracking lads. I popped back about 8 years ago and the bullet hole was still in the archway above the guardroom! Corner Bar looked a bit ropey, fantastic for shock on a Saturday afternoon.
  3. I was there Dec 87 thorugh umpteen Flying Falcons, Active Edges, Highland Malts and then onto Gulf 1. Back from the Gulf and stayed pretty much through to the end and the camp closing down.

    Brilliant days on the Bravo Tp Line Det and then not so good when we were all shuffled off to the MT.

    Last went back about 97 for a week-end, bit sad to hear about the Corner Bar, many a time I'd sit there having just gone to see Frau Baumann in the Deutche Bank across the road on a Friday afternoon. Happy days.
  4. *Ahem* 7 Armd Bde HQ & Sig Sqn (B Tp) 75 - 77!! My first posting. The Corner bar used to be run by Gunter & Louise (he was a SS postie during WW2). Tp Sgt "Sonny" Henderson left to rubn the bar/restaurant at the reitschule just up the road.
  5. dd and inter, then you must know who i am?
  6. I should know you but I'm obviously having a blonde moment! I finished off on Comms Ops and left Soltau in May 89 moving to 30 Sigs. I don't know if this is enough info for you to try and work out if we know each other. Can you remember Trotters, Ice Face or pissy features? All quality ladies who knew the lads well. Do you know any of these 3 delightful vixens?
  7. yeah course i can. i was in skitzes troop (a troop). then some overweight pie eating staffy took over. HOW ABOUT A CLUE..........noddy sigs! helping? noddy holder- SLADE?
  8. Its Big John from Portsmouth if my memory serves me. You can work out who I am then, Alpha troop, DD gives it away as my initials. Hung about with all the lads in Alpha Troop and Chippy from Bravo. Good to hear from you, what you doing now?
  9. youre not helping lol, gimme a clue......welsh? Chippy was a good mate of mine, so i guess you and i are mates also?
  10. Remember you well mate - you gave me loan of DM20 on my first night in Soltau - Xmas do 1987. I though you were a legend at the time.

    How wrong can people be eh !

    Nice to hear from ya pal.

    Line Det Main ra ra ra !
  11. What a cracking place it was too in 83 til 84 when I was kicked out to div HQ - whats happened to it since? Guess its closed down now or some immigrant holding centre..
  12. hi there.......i was in soltau 89-93............best years of my life.......corner bar and country club took most of my wages........as they did everybodies..
    one of the messages here gave me a shudder.....and that was the one that mensioned .......'iceface'.....lol.....
    hope youre all ok and life has been good to u all..........
    is that john who posted origional message????????
  13. I had completely forgotten all about the Country Club...........ah memories! - strange how it all comes flooding back.
  14. Hiede Park, Bank Holiday Monday block parties, 207 v 11 Ord at football(dont give me none of this Arsenal v Spurs rubbish about rivallry ha ha), the pads in Kantweg - ahh the memories and the happy days eh.

    Army - Navy this year boys ? See ya there.
  15. I used to work with a chap who claimed to have set fire to the Saltau Rodney's mess and burnt Monty's flag. He was a blanket stacker from Spalding.