207 Sig Sqn!?!?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by EyeScream, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. I've just had a posting order for 207 Sig Sqn, Campbell Barracks. Can anyone tell me what its like and are the married quarters any good? Its my first move, I've been at 7 Sigs for 4 years!
  2. I'd say that Hohne and the quarters aren't as nice as Bruggen. I prefer the MG area.
  3. Flats all round. Except WOs I hear.
  4. Thats a bit of a downer like! I'm living in a puma'd quarter at the mo and it's really nice! gutted!
  5. Suck it up buttercup!! Its like the Tidworth of Germany! 8O
  6. first move ? well if your under the rank of sgt im sure you will love the posting. as all ranks get to take it in turns to sweep the garage floors. some time the fullscrews fight overwho is gonna sweep up first!!! quite a busy posting for exercises, but the social with the lads is good if you get involved. quite good for promotion too judging by the last few board results.

    im sure i would get some crap for writing about the sqn on here if i was back at the posting. (i got it before for mentioning the obvious lie that lineys were of lesser intelligence than other trades).

    all in all it wasnt a bad posting whilst there (looking back at it) but i would 100000000000000000000000% not ever go back or reccomend it to anybody i liked. dont mean to put a bad spin on the place, but after what it was like before i left and what i hear about the place now its difficult not to !

    any one got anything else to add
  7. is that you special k its sprogglicious here

  8. oh yeah and the place absolutely sucks sorry pal end it now
  9. ah sprog-a-dog, glad to see your outta the hell hole leaving the dross behind ;)
  10. whoa whoa whoa kids! you cant post anything about 207 unless its nice and fluffy!

    i love 2 sigs and im glad im posted there!

    hohne is an outpost.

    pads estate is medium standard.
  11. I would rather live in Tidworth at least its got a Tescos and Subway and just to keep you in touch with the Fatherland, LIDL woohoo.