207 Battery RA (V) - D Troop

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by LordVonHarley, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. I'm moving back to Edinburgh next month and will have to transfer TA Units as a 1000 mile round trip for a drill night is a bit much for me.

    207 Battery RA (V) - D Troop look pretty good, I like the look of the L118's :D

    So what the Unit like? Drill nights, weekends training, chances of deployment.
    What the training like?

    I'm still in Phase One for Inf (RT8 and RT9 coming up in the next month and a half).
  2. 1000 Mile round trip a bit much for you?

    F*cking fanny! What on earth is the world coming to?

    When I was in the Royal Regiment, we had to get up half an hour before we went to bed, drink 2 (Two) 58 Pattern water-bottles full of gunfire, run a CFT in full CEFO in under 9 minutes across Salisbury plain and finish with bulled boots and freshly pressed lightweights after nine changing parades before stables.

    I'm disgusted, to be honest.

  3. No that was just on my "leaving" do
  4. LBdr_Pigshagger - What's Gunfire, is it rum and gun powder? Does it come with a mini umbrella, glacier cherry and an olive? :D
  5. It's kind of like a hot Rum drink that you get given to you in The Royal Artillery if you're unlucky enough to be working on Christmas day.

    When I was Marching Relief to Wellyhead's Guard Commander on Christmas duties in 1995, the CO and RSM came to my room with a whole Norgi full of the stuff. From memory, it tastes absolutely rank.

    And Wellyhead, I've never forgiven you for that leaving do.
  6. Free booze you say? Who care's what it tastes like, it's free! :D

    So far we have established that Gunners drink an ungodly amount of booze. What other treats await me if I transfer?
  7. Its supposed to be Tea, laced with Rum and gunpowder, although I have no idea if I have ever drank it with gunpowder.
    I was told it was a RA tradition from the Crimean War but I have heard of many other cap badges following it as well so the history may be slightly lost or misinterpreted.

    The morning that is being alluded to above I had to send all off duty guard to hurry back to their rooms and get into bed in full rig just so the smiley faced CO to give you this foul brew, advice don't be last to drink from the urn, all the alcohol sinks and it you get the dregs you are drinking a 58 mug of 100% pure hot rum full of tea leaves

    What else to expect ? I have heard nothing but good things about working in a Light Gun Bty, apart from having no guns due to being operationally deployed.
  8. LVH....

    check your pms....

    the rest of you, check out 105 Regiment's Senior Battery's Website... clicky.

  9. 1000 miles to the TAC? You might as well become a key-holder for after-hours call outs FFS...

    If you join the Royal Regiment, then you will become part of the "Corps that is first with the ladies, and amazin' first in war". You will also gradually find that your radio or stereo is getting louder, the longer you serve...
  10. Moving from London to Gods own city of Edinburgh would make drill nights a tad hard. As for going deaf, surely this will help combat the Nag Factor of Girlfriend :D
  11. check out 105 Regiment's Senior Battery's Website

    i think you will find you lost your seniority when you came back to 105 from 102 regt if you check the roll of territorial gunners 207 bty is the senior
  12. LOL!! Bite!!!

    Oh... I'm rushing to check the roll.

    Not. :sleepy:
  13. Is there an upto date roll of Btys on t'web ? I remember seeing one years ago, but that only had regs on it

    BTW I am not talking about line up of Regts and thier contents, just the Btys in total.
  14. I concur.
  15. I remember the Gunfire ritual in 42 Fld regt in 1960-61-62. The CO and RSM with a gaggle of Nos 1s came into the billets on Xmas morning carrying an urn of tea. You were each asked if you wanted your Gunfire (Tea with a liberal lacing of rum) with or without . If you said without you got the same stuff but the gang shouted OLLOCKS!!! If you said with....................good taste prevents me continuing.