204 sigs Munster gsm tony cartwright

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sinned, Mar 30, 2010.

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  1. Any one know the where abouts of GSM Tony Cartwright and the Munster Garrison Sgts Mess Manager Mick Tracy circa 1990/93

    Good Days

  2. Maybe he went back to the Ponderosa Ranch? :cheese:
  3. I was at Munster Garrison Sgts Mess 91 - 93 and the GSM was an RE guy, I think the one you mention was before that. I think your guy was the one with the horse in the Mess incident. Can't remember the name of the Mess Manager but he was a tall civvy guy (probably dead now cos he was old).
  4. He lives in Clacton and works in Colchester for Sodexo the company that runs the PFI contract in Cochester Garrsion.

    Why does he owe you money?

    That should read Colchester Garrison.
  5. Surely that was Ben Cartwright who ran the Saddle Club!
  6. This site might be able to help, he attends their reunions. : http://www.the-60s-16ers.com/
  7. I was PEC at 16 in 2000 when we hosted the 60s-16ers in Rheindahlen. It was a hell of a weekend with the fella that organised it all, Chris (?) sadly dying on the Friday night. I had organised a Games Night on the Sat and despite the terrible news, it all went off well. I think that the Scalextric and the Playstation went down well.
  8. Hi Howlingmad, the old guy you knew as the mess manager in York Barracks, was he a skinny guy with thinning blond hair, if so any iodea when he left as it must have been after 93 as thatwas when I left to become the UFO in Bulford. Aany info will be of help