204 Signal Squadron - (Op Grapple 7)

Discussion in 'Iraq/Kuwait (Op GRANBY)' started by accidentalscaley, Jul 4, 2007.

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  1. There is a reunion for 212/204 Signal Squadron, planned for all personnel who served in that squadron between 1990-2000. We are particularly looking for the following people who may or may not be still serving

    (ranks were correct at time of Op Grapple 7/Resolute 1)

    Cpl "Budgie" Bird - Chef
    Cpl "Windy" and "Karen" Miller (husband and wife) - Chefs
    Sgt "Kev" Shipton - R and I
    Pte "Stu" Wilton - Chef

    There was also a Sgt Chef attached for the Grapple tour, but no-one can remember his name. If you are or know any of these people, could you please pm me their details. And i shall pass them on to the reunion committee. Its in November, so hopefully plenty of time to find them. Many thanks
  2. skintboymike, didn't get any thing on PM, any chance you can send again
  3. The missing name i now know was Sgt Al Duffus
  4. Do you have any of the Pioneers that were at 204 Sig Sqn yet.
  5. AS , also looking for

    Woody,Ssgt, looked a touch greek, thick tash, spent his time at 4 regt RA before arriving at 204,Think he was a Crystal Palace Fan, not 100% hopefully someone will know him, was always piping on about missing his time with Antoine Mossiman??? *Chefs circles will know who I mean*

    And the guy who did the RLC Stores 'Orrid', someone must know who mean , he was with us at the Bread Factory with Fat Les etc....AS....

    Thanks guys

  6. Everyone knows Woody (he could talk a glass eye to sleep), last heard of in Grantham. Al D was in Brunei for a while i believe.

    a couple of others around at the time were Mark M & Gordon N, both still around.

  7. Maybe , but he had a heart of gold and always made sure the boys and girls on the out dets/ rebroadcast stations got as much fresh as he could possibly spare too. I do remember having a few good bbq's on my rebro thanks to Stavros (Woody) and took more than his fair share of stick in the whiplash too :lol: I'm surprised he got away with admitting he once wanted to be a hairdresser as a young lad, that had so much comedy value and it never surfaced... lol Woodys S(th)alon (gotta ad the mincey lisp) :wink:
  8. Scaley that wasn't a dig it was one of his many endearing qualities.
  9. I know 8)

    I was just adding to his heart of gold ones, you're right tho, he has more waffle than an american breakfast, bless him!
  10. pm sent again!
  11. I went on Op Granby with 204 Sqn, A1 Ech (MT/Fuels). I was attached from 3 ADSR.

    I've got a photo of my section somewhere; I'll see if I can't scan it in somehow.

    Anyone else go on Granby with 204? I'm interested in the Sqn photo that was taken in the desert immediately prior to kick-off but I have never seen it; anybody got or seen a copy? I wonder if there's a copy of it hanging in SHQ. Actually, scratch that, I'll just give the Sqn a call and ask.