203 Bty RA(V)

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Trunnion-Tilt, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. Anyone served or is serving with 203 Bty RA(V) Fancy a get together drink early in the New Year? I myself served with 203 from 79 through to 94.
  2. Dear Moderator, before you consider moving this thread elsewhere, please consider that there are and has been regular soldiers serving/served with this sub unit.
  3. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Im well aware already :)
  4. Hello, my name is Ad koolen and I served for 37 years in the Dutch Army.

    Recently we bought a FV432 ALVIS and I found out that this vehicle served in 203 BTY
    Registrationnumber was 02 FA 79

    Is there someone that can tell me about the history of this specific "ALVIS" ?

    ps: color is not original now, we cleaned the vehicle and sprayed it with grounding. Final paintjob this summer.
    For a movie of a testdrive: see
    FV432 Testdrive Ad Koolen - YouTube
    and a bit of "jumping"
    FV432 Jumpen - YouTube

    Foto0421.jpg Foto0422.jpg D.jpg
  5. Yes, 'trunnion-tilt' will be back in a few years to tell you....
  6. Adkoolan. Or should it be add coolant? Anyway. I would be surprised if 203 or any other TA battery had 432s at their TA centres due to the maintenance problems. 266, 269 and 307 may have used them when affiliated with regular batteries in the OP Bty days but that would have been for exercises in BAOR only.
  7. Hi there,

    203 certanly (100%) owned this one, it was filled with radio equipment and a tent at the back, to be used as a "Commandpost" .
    The marks 203 BTy 02 FA 79 are everywhere on the visors (Periscopes) , fire-extinguisers, etc,
  8. Yes Ad 203 Bty owned this one for the last few years of its miltary life. I'm sorry I dont know anything about it's history. Ill have a dig through my photos to see if I can find any of it.
  9. Adkoolen, congratulations. You are the proud owner of the CP formerly known as 'Christine', the least reliable 432 in the fleet. CP with 203 from 1999-c.2008. Usually to be found close to where 203 Bty were on exercise, pulled over to the side of the road in a growing pool of emulsified oil and coolant.

    I hope you can afford the maintenance bill - the British Army found it couldn't!
  10. 02FA79 was the Ambulance.
  11. Christine, what an absolutely horrible POS vehicle that was. The BFS VM's would spend more time on that vehicle than the rest of the Battery vehicles put together. On several occasions, it was repaired, all OK, and then breakdown within 400m, and then be pulled straight back into the garage.

    ringdoby, 203BFS ECE, 1998-2001.