2022 New Year Resolution (and failures)

I actually started this one on the 16th December, 2021, but am resolved to try and make it stick.

I have stopped looking at news sites/broadcasts where I can help it.

I do get the occasional one on the radio, obviously ARRSE has a few and Faceshit which I use to keep in touch with family and friends away.

However, just not reading the everyday doom and gloom of almost every single ‘story’ has been a breath of fresh air, I couldn’t care less about Covid, WW3, the end of the Sun, Terrorists, the woke and forever insulted types.

As I don’t listen to the wife, her second hand news stories don’t register.

Whilst I used to mock my son about having no knowledge of current affairs, I see why he doesn’t GAS.

No plans to read casual news ever again.

Old Stab

Book Reviewer
New year's resolutions eh..

Cutting right down on the booze.
Lose weight.
Walk more.
Eat more fresh fruit.
Start saving money.
Do basically what my new-found NHS Masters & Specialists tell me to hopefully improve for 2023.
Bar the booze since I do not drink really anyhow. Maybe 2/3 6thgills per week JD.
Copy/paste Old Stab's really.
My resolution is to stop listening to others advice, they said the best thing to do with pets when all the fireworks are going off on New Years Eve and they’re scared, is to cover them with a comfort blanket behind the sofa.

Thanks a bunch you fuking wankers, now all my Koi Carp are dead

I’ll get my own coat
Ive stated my new years resolution is to hunt down all the wifes hand grenades and confiscate them.

She must have them - because nothing but shoving explosives in the middle can explain the destruction wrought when she ahem slices bread.

Apparently Im rude unfair and starting 2022 sleeping on the couch
I'm not going to drink anymore!
I'm not going to drink any less!!

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