202 Field Hospital.

This might appear a slightly odd request but bare with me. For thoses that don't know I'm currently a student (mental health) nurse in the Army and was wondering about the chance of coming down to 202 to take part in their drill nights.

Firstly I know I have to get permission from my CoC before turning up and will seek this when I get back from placement in two weeks, but I just wondered if anyone at 202 might be able to give me some insight into ...

1.what a drill night usually entails so I can see if it would be of value turning up.

2.if they think the unit would be willing to allow someone in my position to come along

( I realise no one can give me definate answers and I need to go and ask my CoC first but this is just so I have an idea.)

Many Thanks


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I don't know the answer to your question but I like the cut of your jib.
BuggerAll said:
I don't know the answer to your question but I like the cut of your jib.
Thanks very much :wink: , its simply because that as a result of the constraints of the course we have less time for military stuff. The training team we have are really very good but I can always do with more.
this idea has cropped up many a time over the past few years - such as taking the military student nurses on a 'Battle Camp' for two weeks a year , just to remind them what the green stuff at the back of the wardrobe is for.

You'll have to sell this idea to the CoC - how will this benefit you and the service ie, maintaining your military skills and knowledge

do some research and contact the PSI (Permemnat Staff Instructors) at 202 and get a copy of their training programme. this will help you highlight the exact beneifits of your 'extra curricular learning' with the TA

Drill nights usually consist of roll call, then lessons (military, medical, phys etc)

good luck


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Just a thought: Have you considered trying a local Inf or Cav unit. If its green trg you are after you may find you would get more from them than an AMS unit.
Thanks Bedpan2zero, I'll get onto that asap.

BuggerAll. Pretty tempting idea but might be a harder sell to my CoC. Also I'd have a pretty big learning curve at this point to catch up with the infantry. I think it'll be easier to persuade towards 202 field hospital because it'll help me mix in with the professionals I'm going to have to work with at some point and give me a greater idea of what they do. As a mental health studenty nurse we currently have less scope for mixing with military staff on placements unlike adult nurses who do more mil placements, so I'm slightly concerned that my military knowledge and understanding of how it all fits together is a bit more hampered. In addittion I think this environment would help in a sort of general unspecified way (if that makes any sense) just by being around people and getting a feel for their roles.
jarrod248 said:
Good drills that lad, must be as keen as mustard. I wish I got student Nurses like you. All I see are a shower of sh1te and I don't like accepting them anymore for placements.
I try :D . But I'll try not to get anyone too excited by my possible arrival, I'm definatly keen but I haven't done much in a while so its possible I'll fall on my arrse in some way in the first ten minuites haha, so best to keep expectations to a minimum :wink:
Looks like a Karabiner moment.................. :)

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