202 Fd Hosp to depoly!

202 Fd Hosp were to be the roulement hospital for 33 and 34 after things had quietened down.  Now they are going too.  I think some medics are going to be out there for a very long time.  

How are we going to roule these units in the long term?  I think the only sensible option is going to be to create a BMH on a fixed site with two year tours ???…. Any volunteers for BMH Basra?  Qman we will need a RSM!!
Actually 202 were always going to be sent out this week to relieve 33, who were going to come back to provide: roulement, follow on force and high readiness.

The change is not sending 202 now, but rather not bringing back 33.
Heard that too. Except 202's local health authority would be up the creek without a paddle, if they all went. There are some very very highly qualified individuals in that unit, and they would leave a gap in Primary care hereabouts.

Far more disturbing, is the current state of bed space locally

Bed blocking -a-go-go , there was a house fire about a week ago, 6 victims and not enough beds for them.Not sure about the provisions on the Military wing, though, it may be ok.

Time to reopen some UK BMH's?


I will have to apply for the Latrine Orderly's job, £1.50 a day, money for old rope!

Seriously how will the DMS roulement the Fd Hosps if they only have 1 left and all its kits already deployed with the other three?

Hush your mouth... re-open the BMH's, well I never…that would be a sin!  We may have to treat all those dirty soldiers who are downgraded then!

QMan........... you mention money for old rope... press gangs in the 18 and 19 century used rope ends to beat or knock people unconscious before pressing the kings shilling into their hand............  Got my length of rope and am going to a dodgy Swindon night club in the next  hour and I have a bag of 5p pieces………..will have an entire Fd Hosp by midnight...... some nice girls in Swindon.  But I'm not going anywhere near them.  

PS... I need a carpet laying!!


There is talk of even more R5 TA Hosps, the fact 90% of the TA have been used to deploy three Hosps to Q8, how does the Med Bde expect to wring and scrape the barrell for two more Hosps!

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