2016 How long will I be waiting for my AOSB if I apply today

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Hi guys new here,

21 YO, wanting to join Intel Corps.

I've seen some posts on here from a few years back saying it takes months to get to the Briefing, yet when talking to careers advisor she (rather politely) refused to give a realistic approximation about when I would be attending the Board. She said only that they run AOSB about once a week and I would be put on the next available one. I get that this is technically a correct answer and I could theoretically be attending a few weeks from submission but that seems unlikely given the levels of cynicism on this forum. Nevertheless, I got the impression from her that she genuinely expected it to be taking a few weeks and got me thinking that maybe things have sped up since the last similar thread (2013) on arrse.

Do any recent candidates have an idea about how efficiently the recruitment process is running at the moment?

I ask because I need to be informing my boss if I'll be off for a week/ quitting in the near future.


Before you can attend Briefing you will have to have your medical declaration completed and sent off, by you and by your GP. This stage is often what delays candidates as surgeries not only take their time but often request payment from the MOD before sending off their part.

Once this is completed you will go to the Army medical centre closest to you (Westbury, Pirbright or Glencorse AFAIK) and have a medical done. If there are any prior medical issues or irregularities thrown up here, this may also close delay while they are investigated or a deferment is served.

These alone can put months on to the application process and will be, I assume, why your CSM has refused to put a timescale on this.

Once you have cleared these hurdles you can book onto a Briefing that is convenient for you. If you pass, and do not have to serve a delay, you can then book a Main Board, again you pick the date so if you need to give your boss X number of weeks notice before taking holiday, you will be able to.

Hope that clears things up. The recruitment process isn't necessarily the problem - Briefing and AOSB run most weeks - it is the time that the stages themselves take to complete, and a lot of that will be on you to chase up and ensure you are fit and fully revised.
Great, thanks.

A few months would be welcome for getting revised and fit, as you say.

I've been talking to my GP so he knows whats going on and hopefully the medical side will be done swiftly.

Thanks again for your help.
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