2015 RWC England?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Dwarf, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. Read this article by Stephen Jones who I quite like as a sports writer.

    Interesting, and him a Welshman! But would places like Newcastle (and I'm a Geordie) be big enough for a RWC?
    It would be fantastic for a lot of supporters in the more far-flung parts of the country to see games like that, but I worry that they would be maybe a bit small, though packed and with atmosphere definitely.

    The idea of one country one show makes sense, I never really saw the point of farming out matches.

    Be interested to hear views on this.

  2. Steven Jones hasn't been described as "Welsh" for a very long time. He crossed the border thirty odd years ago and never looked back and now chiefly occupies himself with English rugby, supporting an' all. Last I heard of a RWC bid the WRU/RFU were in talks to host it jointly but to be honest I can't see it happening due to the lack of stadums (stadia?). I wouldn't have any problems with tht idea TBH though I could only see us providing the MS and Liberty for it's use as Rodney Parade is too small for major internationals and I think the Scarlet's will be still in the process of building theirs ...
  3. I have to say I disagree. As an Ulster man the only real prospect Ireland has of ever hosting a RWC is if the hosting is shared with other neighbouring nations. Ireland doesn't have the same resources, and couldn't host such an event entirely on it's own. Seems unfair if one of the top teams in international rugby didn't get the opportunity to host a RWC just because it isn't big enough. It seemed to work well in Euro 2008, with hosting shared between Switzerland and Austria.
  4. Even though I'm a Scotsman I completely agree with the article. If a country can't host a world cup on its own then it shouldn't apply, or failing that join up with one other country and share the games equally (which I still don't agree with but it gives the slightly smaller countries a chance). The whole idea of occasional games being played in other countries is just ridiculous exemplified by the fact that France, hosts of the last world cup, had to play their quarter-final in Wales.

    England is perfectly capable of hosting a world cup on its own so should have no need to try and get any other country on board.
  5. Point well-taken. Which I suppose is the point I was making about giving people who don't live near Twickers or the bigger places a chance to see international rugby to reward them for all the freezing february afternoons they put in giving the game its support.
    All this executive rewards with a hosted box is fine but it hijacks rugby from those who really like it. I would just like to see the normal supporter get a chance.
    You are of course right.

    But 'Top Team'?....................... :wink:

    (Still after England's last performances :( )
  6. OK I see what you mean about SJ.
    But what about stadia for say Japan-Rumania which might not attract 70,000 but could get a good crowd and be fun for the locals?
    I don't know how many supporters they would bring, but I tried to get tickets for Japan in the S of France, (my daughter is manga/japan mad and its a shortish drive from here.) and they were sold out.
  7. Despite being a one eyed Welshman I think it's a disgrace that The IRB can't seem to see outside of the 8 Main Unions.

    Japan has the necessary stadia, after the football world cup, to hold the event. They also have (I was surprised to read) the 2nd largest player base with 125,000 people in Japan playing the game. So the recent decision to award the 2011 cup to New Zealand was shocking old boyism at it's worse.

    People will travel there to see the World Cup (they did for football) and it would also tie in with the IRB's supposed spreading the game strategy as it would be, for the first time, moved out of the Big 8.

    2015...Go Japan!
  8. [/quote]

    Also if you go to Rodney Parade you're sure to have your car screwed and get accosted by Chavs whilst trying to enjoy a beer in Newports sh!te town centre.
  9. Japan would be a great idea. It'll never happen though. The IRB board would never go for it. They can't see passed the six-nations and tri-nations countries. I hate to say it but Japan, and also some sort of Argentina/USA bid would be good news for the game.
  10. Fair one. Rodney's been in need of redevelopment/resiting for donkey's years and, as you say, Newport centre is chavtastic (though it's a City now, as the locals won't fail to inform you). If you can get up Caerleon way however to do the circuit there's a few decent places there. And that there is the most I will ever say for Newport!
  11. Sadly mate, the chav infestation has hit Caerleon. It used to be a good place to go on the lash but the council moved a load of Chavs into there a few years back and the pubs around the common have gone right downhill.

    Chavs, they're like rats but there's no cute ones, or ones that can cook.

    Back on thread. I can't believe the IRB are being so blinkered. Like I said earlier Japan already has the infrastructure and rugby fan base. The USA would be a good shout. Lots of good stadiums and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. though I wouldn't want the yanks getting into rugby. We'd be screwed!
  12. Nah, because they can't watch a game without stops for popcorn. It wouldn't compete with American football on any great scale, footie never caught on either for the same reason.
    If for some reason they did get into it they would insist on so many changes to make it audience friendly for the US that the game we love would cease to exist.

    No I love that Japan idea, it would be great for rugby. But will it ever happen?
  13. Personally, I wouldn't fancy Japan. I'm all for the development of the sport but Japan is way too far for me to travel not to mention how expensive i'd imagine it to be. TBH my ideal tournament was France last year, i.e. reasonably close, cheap booze, an opportunity for small clubs to tour, good weather and the chance for a bit of banter. Give it to the yanks I say. As for any rule changes just tell to feck right off like the unions did to the ELVs.