2015 Pension Scheme and FTRS/NRPS

A stitch up to look out for in the future. If you're FTRS/NRPS (or any other part of the "one army" that has an expected retirement age of 60) on the 2015 pension scheme and for any reason don't see it out until you are 60 then any deferred 2015 portion of your pension you won't see until state pension age.
Without the aid of a crystal ball I see a lot FTRS commitments not being renewed just short of yor 60th birthday, no wonder the dirty cnuts want to get everyone of this shitty FTRS cop out.......


FTRS OR's Can only serve to 55 unless on FTRS Continuity Commitment and there are not to many of those now, All Officers FTRS can serve to 60 unless on the FTRS commitment that is basicly Retired Officer then 65.

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