2015: First year without British casualties?

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And now this thread should RIP.
A couple of points; I think the Op might have meant to include 'killed on operations/by enemy action' in 2015, and 'overseas' is slightly erroneous, as despite being the other side of the Irish Sea, Northern Ireland is not 'overseas', it is 'home'.
The death of Michael Campbell is particularly tragic.

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Would 'deaths as a result of enemy action' be more appropriate?

If so, then we are never really going to be sure due to SF operations.
Yes, OP has not been clear, what I meant was what Dinger and Queensman phrased. I guess a wider question that I intended to ask was "are we currently in some form of enduring combat operation/s (other than SF)". Because officially it looks like we're not. But unoficially...
We're bombing Iraq and Syria, so there's always something going on.

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