2013 Op Honours

Discussion in 'RLC' started by thiswayup, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. Congrats to all.

    Especially "Pat" and Quigs.
  2. Where can you view the full list online?
  3. Saw Pat on the telly this morning. Chuffed to bits. It's a god year for him, not long married.

    FF, have you been wanking scabby dogs off with your teeth again? I suppose it paid out in the end. Congrats - PM me the details, were you genuine brave or was it one of those special AT moments?
  4. I believe Quigs got his for his tache!
  5. Is he still hosting that bushy Cateplliar on his lip?

    That's worth a gong in anyone's eyes
  6. It's a lifelong homage to Tom Selleck.
  7. Well done all. And well done to Al Nekrews as well, the first Navy HT Op and alright for a matelot ;)
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  8. Congratulations to all.
  9. Surely you mean Ben Turpin

    Can't find Mals' citation as yet, anyone care to pm me with the gorey details (FF perhaps??), anyways well done to all - more beers I owe when we next meet.
  10. Zach Stenning - good mate from OTC days. Top call.