2012 what predictions ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taffnp, Dec 23, 2011.

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  1. 2011 almost over and a lot of events we never saw coming :

    OBL killed
    Arab spring
    The UK riots

    What events do you foresee occurring in 2012 ?

    Favorites are :
    Israel/US attacking Iran's nuclear facility

    5 points for scenario and 5 bonus for month

  2. Dfs will have a sale in January and my G/F will have a birthday on the 13 of the same month.....I can't do lottery numbers though.
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  3. The government will continue to piss down our backs and tell us it's raining.
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  4. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Just January?

    I'm predicting that Oral B toothbrushes will be half price 'right now' for the entire bloody year.

    I predict (hope) that the Go Compare fat twat will be assassinated.

    And that VG will get banned from the site.
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  5. On Arrse

    A squaddie will be kicked off a train for not having the correct ticket, the outrage mobile will be be in full throttle
    A squaddie will not be allowed in a bar/pub/gig etc because his MOD 90 is not recognised, the outrage mobile will be in full throttle
    A veteran (who served 40 years ago and was kicked out in basic training) will have some hard luck story, the outrage mobile will be in full throttle
    There will be outrage over the lack of both the NDM and veterans discount card.
    There will be outrage that celebrities dont care about the armed forces and then when they do something there will be outrage they are only doing it for PR.
    The police will injure a gobshite drunken squaddie and the outrage mob will becomplaining about it and the same time on another thread moaning about how the police are not tough on chavs.
    A squaddie will be overpaid and will be outraged about having to pay it back.

    Basically alot of outrage like every other year on ARRSE
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  6. I predict the award of a medal...say around Jun time....maybe the 7th!

    I also predict that the argument over in/out/up/down will last until Royal green jackets untimely death through heart failure...wait until the boots and colour choice start!
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  7. You forgot: around 5,000 members will shout they "put you on ignore" in several outrage threads. Yet, none of them will be able to truely resist from replying. :biggrin:
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  8. In the New Year Military Wives will collaborate with The Soldiers & release a new video single called "Cumming In My Home".
  9. Kate middleton will announce she is pregnant in April
  10. ...by Harry!
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  11. Won't William be in the Falklands in the early part of the year.......maybe the OMO packet will be in her window?
  12. I finally find someone on Fcukbuddy thats not my mum or sister.
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  13. I predict a riot! ...... maybe that was 2011 though. hmm...

    Apart from that:

    The Olympics to go over budget (again) and the RAF to fuck up my R&R flight so that I can't use one of the Olympic tickets that Mrs Invicta has secured.

    At least one eurozone member to pull out of the single currency. Most likely candidate is clearly Greece, though any of the 'club med' countries or Ireland have potential. The eurozone crisis will rumble on with the UK largely keeping its head above water & David Cameron growing increasingly confident in his dealings with the EU and 'Merkozy'.

    Nicholas Sarkozy to be voted out of office in the French Presidential election.

    Pope Benedict XVI to keel over and get the big one on one interview with his boss.

    Syria's President Assad to end up dead or in exile.

    Robert Mugabe to kick the bucket followed by a vicious power scramble in Zimbabwe until the South African's knock heads together.

    Ethiopia and Kenya to suffer major Al-Shabaab sponsored terrorist attacks as a result of their interventions in Somalia.

    Argentina to up the ante over the Falklands - which may convince HMG to let the RN keep SOME ships so that we can deal with it.

    Margaret Thatcher to pass away in her sleep.

    Alex Salmond to announce a date for his Scottish independence referendum.

    Barack Obama to be comfortably re-elected after the Republicans put up a barking mad, fox news sponsored, bible waving fruit loop against him.

    Arsenal to win the Premier League & the Champions League (I can't help being blindly optimistic. But don't ask, don't get!)

    Whoever ends up in charge of North Korea to dangerously provoke the South & the US by launching more missiles, shelling border towns etc.

    Professor Brian Cox to announce that the search for the 'Higgs Bosun' and the $m's spent on the Large Hadron Collider was all a big scam by the boffins and that he and his mates have blown all the cash on booze, hookers, trips to Barbados and new leather patches for their tweed jackets.

    Large scale protests in Belarus against Europe's last dictatorship. An excessively heavy handed response by the authorities turns the protests into a popular revolt when the Army joins the people. (Think Romania in '89).

    Nick Clegg to be challenged for the leadership of the Lib Dems. Ed Milliband to be challenged for the Labour leadership by a 'stalking horse' candidate who he sees off, but is then replaced by Ed Balls.

    The UK prison population reaches capacity and there are no more spaces for those convicted by the courts. HMG is put in the awkward position of having to offer early release to large numbers of burglars, drug addicts etc in order to lock up newly convicted murderers and rapists.

    The cost of electricity, gas and train tickets to go up AGAIN.
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  14. yes but that won't be announced till about June
  15. I finally find someone on Fcukbuddy thats not my mum or sister.

    Your nan?
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