2012 UK winter of Discontent?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sebcoe, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Listening to the TUC, banging on about cuts, pensions and other things that affect the working conditions, I picked up on a lot of sabre rattling about strikes for this strikes for that etc, and I wonder are these ***** for real or what?

    Do they understand that the UK economy is not well at present and the whole of the UK will suffer if they continue to threaten with strikes. and carry out their actions...obviously not!

    A sound Union would help the Govt get on its feet, and then demand up grades of pay for their workers when the coffers are filling up, so could we see a return to the stupidity of the unions of the 70s & 80s causing a winter of discontent?
  2. I think the Unions are trying to justify their existence to their members, a lot of whom I think are not really in favour of strike action.
  3. re-s, I think you are probably right, intelligent Union members can see it, but unfortunatley it's the dumb fucks who still think they will get a pay rise out of it regardless of how it is paid for!

  4. These £100k + trolls couldn't give a fig about the state of the economy & the UK.

    Is their such a thing as a sound Union?

    The Latest Teachers ballot vote was just 27%, hardly convincing and can more & more afford to strike and continue In today's struggling economic climate?
  5. More convincing than daves mandate actually :)
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  6. This thread, like Christmas, gets earlier and earlier every year...
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  7. Did you hear Ed Balls getting heckled at The TUC Conference?

    TUC: Balls Heckled As Union Anger Mounts

    At least 'some' are facing reality....shame some of his audience continue to live in denial...
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I can say with a degree of certainty that Home Officey types (non desk-bound) won't be so keen to walk out in the future after the Government basically said '**** you' to all the PCS shenanigans.
  9. They can crack on with their winter of discontent. All it will achieve will be the further demise of the Union movement as they alienate themselves from the public.
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  10. Its a "buyers" market at the momment, I do think the Govt will tell any union/striker to **** off at the high port, replacements will be easier to find.....I do think the Unions days are really numbered!
  11. Well a lot of their previous mandate in promoting a safer and healthier workplace , has been taken over by HSE and Environmental Health, and they actually have power to force change through the courts if necessary. So the Unions roll is reduced to moaning about pay and pensions.
  12. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Hopefully the Marxist public sector unions will come off second best an any confrontation with the government.

    It would seem most public sector bodies are still overstaffed,so there is still scope for further cuts in their numbers.
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  13. thats my feeling exactly. my work altered our pension scheme last year so our contributions will go from 5%, to 7% then finally 9%. our union reps (UNITE) told us that as its still a final sallary pension plus additional benefits its a great deal and we should grab it with both hands.

    12 months later, we're on 7% and the new benefits system has been fully rolled out when they send us all letters balloting us and recommending strike action because of our altered pensionbenefits scheme. what the ****?

    most people seem to have chinned them off.
  14. Now that Cameron has sold everyone's employment rights to Adrian Beecroft, for £500,000, there might be a role for the unions once more.
  15. Do you think the Norwegians would lend us Anders Breivik for a few hours so we could send him on a typical English seaside hoiliday? Just a thought!